CHURCH SERVICE: Holy Communion will be celebrated at 8am in St Mary's this Sunday.

Friday, 20th July 2018, 7:00 am

FREAK OUT FOR CANCER: On Saturday evening, August 4, there will be a 70s Charity Disco in the Hall, from 7pm till 11pm. Bar and BBQ (Hot Dogs, with Veggie options, till 9.30pm) free drinks for kids.

To be sure of tickets (adults £10, kids £5, with family concessions) please phone 07905 562741 in advance, or take a chance and pay at the door. This will be a fundraising event, all proceeds to be divided between St Michael’s Hospice and a special fund to help with the many extra expenses incurred by Richard Bingham during his courageous and uncomplaining fight against his protracted illness. The event will also be a token of the Udimore community’s support for Richard and Becky during these many difficult months.

NUISANCE PHONE CALLS: Only very recently did Matty and I discover how easy it is to block unwanted phone calls. For any of you who haven’t already cottoned onto the BT Call Protect Service, the procedure is very simple. Once you’ve made sure that an incoming caller hasn’t any legitimate reason for calling you, hang up, and then immediately “dial” 1572. You’ll then be invited to register for the service and instructed how to add the caller to your “personal black list”, preventing him/her from ever calling your number again, the call being diverted to your “junk mail”. An easy way to avoid much frustration in future!