Udimore village voice

At the Parish Council meeting on July 18, councillors were told of the County Council’s refusal to approve tighter control of through traffic using Dumbwoman’s and Float Lanes.

It was not county policy, they had been told, to impose weight and width restrictions on vehicles using rural lanes. Councillors decided unanimously that this was not good enough, since they were in a much better position to understand this local problem than the Transport and Environmental Department in Lewes: unsuitably large vehicles are currently using both lanes purely as a short cut onto A259, sometimes blocking them and causing potentially serious disruption (particularly for emergency services). This was to be pointed out to the County Council, in a further letter, which should again request that, except for access, only vehicles less than 3 tonnes in weight and 6’ 6” in width should be permitted to use these two lanes.

The signposts at the B2089 end of both lanes have now been removed. They are to be replaced with metal signs, at first simply indicating their unsuitability for large vehicles, but later, at the insistence of councillors, to specify the weight and width restrictions noted above.

There have been recent traffic problems on Church Lane too. A 20 mph speed limit, though desirable, would be hard to impose, and even harder to enforce. A “check your speed” notice could be installed instead. To improve the sightlines of drivers emerging onto B2089, the “caution” lines painted on the road surface should be moved forward about 2’, a measure which had been agreed but not implemented at the time that other improvements to the junction were made. For good reasons, traffic mirrors at such junctions are not officially recommended. Drivers on B2089 are not at present given enough warning of the traffic hazard at this point: representing the County Council, Cllr Maynard undertook to arrange an investigation into ways of improving this as soon as possible, and into the similar problem at the junction of Dumbwoman’s Lane with B2089.

With Cllr Johnson, representing Rother District Council, Cllr Maynard reported on the new Joint Waste Contract, due to start in May 2014. Fortnightly collections are to continue, and are to include more recyclables, such as glass, cardboard and a greater range of plastics.

A reminder that today (Friday) our PCSO, Richard Perchard, will be at the Farmers’ Market in Brede Village Hall, ready to give advice and answer our questions on police and community-related matters.

For any other grow-your-own enthusiasts with garden space to spare, I have a few surplus good-sized leek plants, ready for planting out. If you’re interested, please give me a ring (01797 223055)

Richrd Holmes, Beauchamps