Udimore village voice

Last Saturday morning 14 members of Udimore Wildlife Society met at Beauchamps to inspect and admire the catch resulting from the previous night’s moth trapping.

Despite some rain soon after nightfall, a large number of moths, of some twenty different species, had been attracted to Matty’s extremely bright mercury vapour light and had come to rest among the loose pile of eggboxes awaiting them in the trapping chamber below. Most spectacular of these were the Privet Hawkmoths and Garden Tigers, but every species has its own appeal: even the dullest-looking little moth can reveal exquisitely detailed patterning when inspected under a magnifying glass. Their common English names (a legacy from Victorian moth collectors) are another source of interest, some referring to a feature of their markings, others to their individual life cycles - Hebrew Character and Sallow Kitten for example. The moths were then safely released back into the garden.

This Sunday, being the first in the month, at 11.15am there will be a Family Service for All in St Mary’s Church, followed by light refreshments.

At 4pm on Tuesday, August 7, the monthly Messy Church will take place in St Mary’s Community Hall. Messy Church is described as a way of being church for people who don’t do traditional church, for whatever reason. If you’d like to hear more about it, please ring either Jo McWilliam (01424 882652) or Verity Langrish (01424 883242).

This month’s Neighbourhood Watch newsletter warns us to be on our guard against unscrupulous “cold callers”, who have been active in many parts of Sussex recently, offering all sorts of services and goods for sale. It’s very important to check on such callers’ credentials before letting them into the house, and to be very careful in what you buy from them: their bargains may not always be as good as they seem. For a list of Approved Traders, try ringing 01323 463440 (option 1), or consult Citizens’ Advice Consumer Services (08454 040506). You may also find what you’re looking for in the advertisement pages of the Brede and Udimore Parish Magazine, Rye Fixtures or this edition of Rye Observer.

Richard Holmes, Beauchamps