Unattended bonfire caused major blaze in Playden and mass evacuation

One of the damaged houses in Playden. SUS-180207-144559001
One of the damaged houses in Playden. SUS-180207-144559001

A warning has being issued by the fire service after an investigation found that a serious fire in Playden was caused by an unattended bonfire.

Six fire engines were sent to tackle the blaze along Haughton Green Lane, which got out of control and spread to surrounding houses on Friday morning (June 29) .

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service said around 70 people were evacuated to a nearby school and road closures were put in place.

Two homes in the street were badly damaged as a result of the fire.

Eleven birds of prey were also moved to safety.

Kent fire service also provided a water bowser to help transport water to the scene.

Firefighters spent most of the day on Friday tackling the blaze.

They also had to cool down liquefied petroleum gas which was at the scene.

Following the investigation group manager Pup Upton said: “We would recommend that residents do not have a bonfire in their garden.

“There are far more environmentally-friendly ways of disposing of garden waste for example, through the local authority bin collections, or at the local recycling site.

“Bonfires are not good for the environment, or your neighbours, no matter what time of the day it is.

“However, if you must have a bonfire then burn in smaller quantities, in a purpose-built incinerator and do not leave unattended.

“Also, ensure that you have water, as well as a hose on hand, to put the fire out in the event of an emergency.

“Do not leave the fire unattended and ensure that you have an adequate fire break between fire and other combustible materials, such as a garden fence.

“Don’t always think that it has gone out and always check before leaving unattended, or going to bed, and don’t have a bonfire on a windy, or very hot day.”

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