UPDATE: Burst pipe fixed but many remain without water

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Southern Water has again apologised to the 2,500 residents in the TN31 to TN36 postcode areas who went without water for more than 36 hours as work was carried out to fix a burst 14-inch water main near Rye.

The work started at 11am on Thursday (October 19) meaning the water had to be turned off.

According to Southern Water, the burst water main has now been fixed but many residents are still without water.

The burst was discovered near Brede in the early hours of Thursday morning and work was started to locate the burst and to prepare for excavation work.

A Southern Water spokesman said: “We apologise to our customers in the TN31 to TN36 postcodes for the continuing inconvenience over the last 24 hours while we have been working hard to fix a burst 14 inch water main near Rye.

“Our crew have worked for the last 36 hours to carry out this vital repair and we can confirm it is now fixed. However it is going to take some time to fully restore water supply to our customers, as we need to ensure we refill the network carefully to avoid causing any additional issues such as airlocks or further bursts due to the sudden increase in pressure.

“We know this has been extremely frustrating for those affected customers and we would like to assure you we have further bottled water supplies on their way and are continuing to work closely with our vulnerable customers in the area.

“As restoring supply has taken longer than we originally anticipated, we have arranged for further emergency supplies of water to be brought in, and have a dedicated team of around 20 people on standby ready to help distribute and deliver the water when it arrives, which we’re aiming for around 11.45am today (Friday, October 20). We will be distributing this water from key points and hand delivering to certain customers as soon as possible.

“We know how difficult a situation like this can be for customers and we would like to thank everyone affected for their understanding and patience whilst we carry out these emergency repairs.”

Following the repair, a storage reservoir at Udimore needs to refill before supplied can be completely restored.