Vehicle crashes into house on the B2089 at Udimore

Beckley crash 1 SUS-140104-092920001
Beckley crash 1 SUS-140104-092920001

A UDIMORE man had a lucky escape when a car plunged through his garden hedge and crashed into his home on Monday morning.

One minute before the impact resident Dave Pellen was putting out recycling boxes in the exact spot the vehicle crashed into .

The crash, at the junction of Dumb Woman’s Lane, caused major structural damage to the property. The driver of the vehicle was not seriously hurt.

Mr Pellen explained; “My house is at the top of Dumb Woman’s Lane just out side of Rye on the Udimore Road B2089. This junction has been the site of several incidents over the last couple of years.

“Local residents have been trying to get some improvements to signage to try and calm the traffic, however, this section of the B2089 is national speed limit of 60mph.

The accident, on Monday, involved two cars both travelling towards Rye on the B2089. The front vehicle was turning. right into Dumb Woman’s Lane and the vehicle following was the one that ended up in my front garden, causing substantial damage to the front of our house.

“However, everyone was lucky this time and no one was injured. A couple of minutes before the incident I was standing at the point of impact having just put out the recycling boxes ready for collection, and was just walking back to the rear of the house when I heard the impact of the car.

“We have, since previous accidents last year involving cars and motor cycles, managed to get ‘slow’ indicators on either side of the junction to warn motorists and recently a new sign indicating ‘narrow lane’ has been added at the junction.

“This junction is extremely dangerous as we have a lot of vehicles who use the lane as a rat run to get to Winchelsea and the A259.

“The lane itself is a single carriage way and we very often have situations when two vehicles try to pass further down the lane, which is also used by slow moving farm vehicles, as you can imagine when they exit onto the B2089 the slowness of tractors can create problems with fast moving traffic.”