Video Preview: The Thrill of Love at The Stables Theatre

It is tempting to conclude that when  Ruth Ellis shot and killed her lover, David Blakely, he got no more than he deserved ... nevertheless, Ellis was tried, convicted of murder and executed.

From the outset, Ruth’s life was on a fatal trajectory. Following an unhappy, abusive childhood and a series of mundane jobs, she chose the seedy world of “glamour” modelling and work as a hostess in London nightclubs.

The Thrill of Love at The Stables Theatre in Hastings 17th Nov - 25th Nov.

A succession of bad choices took her from a married American GI, to an alcoholic husband, to the fatal relationship with racing driver Blakely – and it was this almost manic obsession for Blakely which precipitated his murder.

Amanda Whittington weaves a fascinating fabric around the known facts, incorporating bitter humour and profound sympathy. You can decide for yourself not whether she was guilty – the facts and her own admission convicted her – but whether Ruth Ellis deserved to die.

The Thrill of Love

by Amanda Whittington

A Stables production directed by Rodney Figaro

Friday 17 to Saturday 25 November at 7.30pm

Sunday 19 November at 3pm · No performance Monday

Members £8 · Adults £13 · Under-18s and groups £10 · £2 off first night tickets

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