Vigilante threat on Rye estate

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VIGILANTE action was threatened on Rye’s Tilling Green estate following a spate of anti-social behaviour.

One elderly lady was driven out of her home during the summer, sitting on a public bench for much of the day to escape loud music played by neighbours.

The situation came to light this week when Tilling Green Residents’ Association made a report to Rye Council’s public services committee.

It was taken so seriously that letters were sent out to everyone on the estate asking people not to take the law into their own hands.

Residents’ Association chairman Daliea Redman said: “Anti-social behaviour has been quite bad and one elderly lady was particularly distressed.

“There was some talk of vigilante action. We sent out letters and in the end it was dealt with by Amicus Horizon, the housing association.”

Angela Prickett, regional director of Amicus Horizon, said: “Tilling Green Rye, has a relatively low incidence rate of anti social behaviour.

“Along with the local police we held a coffee morning for residents of Tilling Green at the beginning of October.

“We talked to residents about any issues they had on the estate and how we can improve their local community and environment. We also highlighted our anti social behaviour policy, the support mechanisms we have in place and our reporting processes and procedures.

“We have received no new reports of anti-social behaviour on the Tilling Green estate at the coffee morning or since.”

She added: “Preventing and tackling anti social behaviour (ASB) is a priority. Our aim is to help residents feel safe in their homes and neighbourhoods. We work with key partners, including the local police, local councillors and the East Sussex Community Safety Partnership, to tackle anti social behaviour and make communities safer.

“We hold a drop in surgery at the Tilling Green Community Centre every Thursday between 9am and 1pm. Residents are welcome to come and speak to us without an appointment.”