Village promises another bumper bonfire celebration

Robertsbridge Bonfire 2016. Photo by Frank Copper. SUS-161121-091153001
Robertsbridge Bonfire 2016. Photo by Frank Copper. SUS-161121-091153001

Robertsbridge Bonfire Society (RBS) will be holding its annual celebrations tomorrow (Saturday, Novemvber 18).

The village will start its extravaganza early, with a wake-up bang from the maroon at 7am.

The Floral Boutique is sponsoring this year’s Guy competition and entrants can win £20 for the best Guy.

Entrants should make sure they have their exhibit at the recreation ground by 1pm for judging at 2pm.

Parking along the route from Heathfield Gardens, High Street, The Clappers, Station Road is not recommended. The road closure goes into place at 6pm to 10pm.

The back road through Bishops Lane will still be open to allow movement around the village.

Throughout the event, there will be collectors with official RBS buckets, which are yellow. Donated money goes to help community groups in the village.

The procession starts from the station at 7.15pm and ends at the recreation ground, with fireworks starting at around 8.30pm.

For safety reasons, if visitors see a spent torch they should not pick it up as there will be torch carts doing that at the back of procession.

There will be first aiders in the procession and at the recreation ground.

Only bonfire societies are allowed on the field and members of the public can watch from along the bridges.

If anyone would like to collect donations, they can pick up a collecting bucket from Robertsbridge Club from 6pm tomorrow evening.

Anyone who wants to go to the club tomorrow evening as a guest needs to go and request a guest band and pay for it before the evening.

The Flying Teapots will be performing after the main event.

For more details visit Robertsbridge Bonfire Society’s Facebook page, contact the Floral Boutique, or ask at the gate to the recreation ground during the day.