Village school is ‘Outstanding’ says new report


Crowhurst Primary School has gained top marks in a recent Church of England inspection which rated it as ‘Outstanding’.

The inspection, which took place in November last year, judged the school to be Outstanding in every respect.

The inspector observed lessons and met with staff, parents and Governors.

School Head Andrew Jervis said: “This is a fantastic outcome for the whole school community and reflects the hard work by students, parents/carers, staff and governors of the school.

“The report recognises the imaginative approaches taken by the school such as ‘Prayer Spaces’ and ‘Experience Christmas and Easter’ to develop its Christian character.”

The report recognises strengths including; ‘an all pervading ethos of love and care which results in excellent behaviour and an optimum environment for learning’ and an ‘extensive range of opportunities for spiritual development’.

Parents contributions to the inspection included speaking highly of ‘opportunities and care given to their children – one reported that her child had said ‘it’s not just my school, it’s my family!’ they also reported that they ‘value the strong links with St. George’s Church and appreciated the chance to attend focused discussion sessions with the Head and value the “open door” policy with all the staff.

The inspector also noted that the recent building programme has provided an improved environment for learning whilst celebrating links with St. George’s church in the outward appearance of the new extension.

Mr Jervis said: “I am delighted with the outcome of this inspection. It has been very exciting to journey together as a school, trying new and exciting ways to grow and develop together. To have an objective, outside observer recognise how significantly the school has improved is testament to the tremendous hard work and commitment of everyone in our school community.”