Bodiam news
Bodiam news

Bus@ We all like good news so I have some about the Sunday 349 bus service. Some of my friends wet to a transport meeting at Hastings and Matthew Arnold, commercial manager of Stagecoach was at the event and he described the Sunday service as pretty good for the season and would be watching numbers from this point on,as the tourist season was coming too an end. Please still get on the 349, we have some of the best countryside around with good pubs to get good food.

MRI Scanner appeal: Good to report that the Conquest Hospital has almost reached its target of £1M for the new MRI scanner. Patients will no longer have to travel to London for more advanced scans. Some parishioners and the parish council donated to this worthwhile cause.

Lloyds Bank: As we know the Lloyds Bank has closed in Hawkhurst and we now have a van that comes to The Royal oak in Hawkhurst on Tuesday and Thursdays, but now the a Saturday Service at Cranbrook from 9am - 1pm is to stop.

Poppy Appeal: The poppy appeal will soon be with us and you can be as generous as you can. If anyone would like more information phone Janet on 01580 830155.