Bodiam Boating Station: runs cruises from Bodiam Castle to Newenden and back until September. For times, dates and fares call 01797 253838. The address is Riverside Cottage, Rye Road, Newenden, Kent, TN18 SPP.

The Highways Steward: for East Sussex County Council Isla Dacey has been very much in Bodiam to discuss the Bodiam road from the Primary School to the village in the hope that the water will stop. Bodiam Parish Council has lost money over this matter.

Do not forget: the Sunday and Bank Holiday 349 bus service. The times are: Hastings Rail Station - 0752, 0952, 11.52, 13.52, 15.52.

Bodiam Castle: 8.30, 10.30, 12.30, 14.30, 16.30.

Cranbrook: 8.58, 10.58, 12.58, 14.58 16.58.

And back from Cranbrook: 0905, 11.05, 13.05, 15.05, 17.05.

Bodiam: 09.33, 11.33, 13.33, 15.33, 17.33.

Hastings: 10.13; 12.13, 14.13, 16.13 18.13.

If anyone in the village: would like a tour of Claremont School, which opened in Bodiam in 2011, arrange it with the headmaster on 01580 830396. This is open to everyone.

Idiots and mindless people: seem to come and go in Bodiam and cost more to the Parish Council and people who pay Council Tax - in this case £133.74 for one smashed window.