Richard Willard: Would the lady who phoned me with some information about Richard Willard, who died in September 1917 at the Somme, please phone me back as my phone cut out and I did not get the number or address.

St Giles Day: is on September 1 and this year it falls on a Saturday. To mark the occasion, St Giles Church will be welcoming the Lay Clerks of Canterbury Cathedral to sing Evensong in the church at 5.30pm.

Lucy Sedgewick, of the National Trust, Bodiam Castle, is very delighted to be the first Bodiam Castle Estate Ranger. If anyone has any queries do not hesitate to contact her at Bodiam Castle.

For such a small village: we have a number of homes up for sale in Bodiam. Residents hope to make money or the house is too big but I do hope Bodiam will not have more holiday homes.

Please respond: to the form to register to vote. It is a legal requirement to provide the information requested. If you don’t you could be fined £1,000.