Bodiam news
Bodiam news

I must say a big thank you to the Men of God: our Priest in Charge Christopher to that man of many parts, Churchwarden Graham Peters, who both did all they could to help me the other week. I will not forget you both when I walk around St Giles Churchyard.

The next service at St Giles is the Family Service on Sunday February 3 at 11.15am.

It was good to see: that the editor of the Parish News has a sense of humour. - good to see more on the plumber’s truck - don’t sleep with a drip - call your plumber.

The footpath: over the River Rother is just in Ewhurst Green, not Bodiam, and you pass through the gate on the left to follow the Sussex Border Path along the top of the flood bank, alongside the Rover Rother. So please don’t head across the field diagonally, that is not the footpath. The National Trust own most of the land.