What a great parish Assembly: was had on March 21 with very good reports and very good refreshments from the Cross Inn. I must say the report from Christopher - our Priest in Charge, made you feel that one should go to church. It was a good report from the children of Bodiam Primary School and what about the report Karen Stafford, General manager of the national Trust, who said that the Trust would bring back Father Christmas. The chairman put in some work for this, but he feels the Bodiam children must get a look-in. He will talk to his best friend - his only friend - William Past, who I am sure in time will go on to great things in the National Trust.

Arthur Bracken: from the Weald Table Tennis Club, based at Claremont Senior School in Bodiam, who is only 14, won the men’s doubles at Norton Knatchbull Grammar School.

The volume of litter: in the lay-by area near the bridge, is a disgrace. The lay-by is in Ewhurst Green, not Bodiam, but I cannot see why people cannot take home litter. If litter bins are put in the lay-by would the public dispose of waste in them?

Easter lilies: in memory of a loved one would be most welcome by St Giles Church. Please phone Sarah Peters on 01580 830478 for more information.

Good weather: will soon be with us and the other day I saw an ice cream van in Levetts Lane. It must be the start of a hot year.

The Easter services: for St Giles Church are Good Friday preaching and prayers at the cross and Easter Communion on Easter Sunday followed by an Easter Egg Hunt in St Giles churchyard at 11.15am.