There is no service at St Giles: until Good Friday on April 19, which will be Preaching and Prayers at the Cross at 11.15am. There will be a parish Easter Communion on Easter Sunday at 11.15am, followed by an Easter Egg Hunt in St Giles churchyard.

Pam March: was a great help to me the other Saturday, so a big thank you to Pam. Pam would not like me to say thank you, but if all the villages in East Sussex had a Pam Marsh what a village that would be.

The next meeting of Bodiam Parish Council: is on April 15 at 7pm at the Parish Room, Bodiam.

I do hope it is not local people: who are allowing dogs to foul the footway from Levetts lane to Bodiam Church of England Primary School. You could get a big fine. If anyone has any information they should phone Rother District Council.

Rother District Council elections: are set to take place on Thursday May 2 in the Parish Room, Sandhurst Road. Voting hours are 7am - 10pm. You will only be asked to vote in a parish Council election if there are more candidates than vacancies.

The nights are getting lighter: and the children of Levetts Lane are beginning to play out after school and on the weekend. Please drive slowly, there is no need to speed to and from the main road. There is nothing worse than to see a child hit by a car or to go to the funeral of one of our little people at St Giles Church.