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We all know it’s hot: we all know to drink lots, or do we? too many people are suffering from dehydration. This can be serious and can upset the kidneys and cause the brain to do and make people say funny things. Maybe not so funny! The hospitals are overcrowded as we are all aware, but drinking is something every one of us can do to help. Unfortunately it is the very young and the elderly that suffer more. If you are elderly, please drink more even if you think it means more trips to the loo. Actually you will find this will not happen as your body will absorb the liquid and no one wants to end up in hospital with a drip in their arm. As I write this I am drinking a cup of tea and all the windows and doors are open. I sincerely hope I am teaching my grandmother to suck eggs as everyone already knows and sensibly does the above.

Rainbow Trout: The Bedford Park Developments Group have submitted new plans for the proposed new houses on the site. The plans are on the Rother District Website for anyone to veiw. Please be aware if you made a comment regarding the plans last time, it will not be considered with these new plans.

On a sad note: I am sorry to inform you that Alan Lynch passed away recently, please think of his family and friends and add them to your prayers.

Clubs closed for summer, you will notice that the column is shorter this week; that is because majority of the clubs in the Parish will be closed now until the first or second week of September.

Friday 10 August: Brede Farmers Market is from 10am – 12 noon in Brede Village Hall. The market traders are very good they turn up each week throughout the year except Christmas week, that’s dedication for you. Do visit if you are able, they will be pleased to see you and you will be able to see for yourselves the diversity of the stalls.

Sunday 12 August: Church Services in the Parish are as follows: Father Anthony White conducts the Mass at 9.00am in St Theresa’s Catholic Church on the old Northiam Road. If you need to contact the Father his number is 01424 773125

At St George’s Church, a sung Family Eucharist will be held at 9.30am Father Martin can be reached on 01424 883408. The Church’s Website is http:/ other services held during the week are in the Church double issue of the Parish Magazine that is out now for August and September.

The Trinity Methodist Church service will be taken by David Hanson today at 10 .30am. The Reverend Peggy Heim is the Pastoral Minister and can be contacted on 01424 422350

Monday 13 August: Exercise Class 6.30pm in Udimore Community Hall.

Whist in Brede Village Hall at 7pm.

Tuesday 14 August: Brede Painting for Pleasure is today at 9.30am in Brede Village Hall.

Yoga will be in Brede Village Hall at 7.30pm

Wednesday 15 August: Yoga is in Brede Village Hall from 9.30am. Despite the Church magazine calendar stating there is Brede Friendly Circle today, it is not, as we have a break in August. We have an outing in September if you wish to join the group please go along to Brede Village Hall in October. Information will be in this column.

Thursday 16 August: Pilates are in Brede Village Hall at 6.30.

Friday 17 August: Brede Farmers Market in Brede Village Hall from 10am – 12noon. Saturday 18 August Village Summer Clean 10am – 12 noon meet in Brede Village Hall at 10am. Hopefully it will not be so hot, there is quite a bit of rubbish to clear away.The more the merrier. Gloves and bags are provided. Please help for a couple of hours if you are able. Hopefully then the Parish will look lovely when all the visitors arrive next week for our three days of events.

Future Events and Bookings

Saturday 24/25/26 August Brede Painting for Pleasure Group: hold their annual exhibition of work 10am - 4pm, this Bank Holiday weekend. Good parking and refreshments as well as a raffle opportunity to win original paintings. The hall is only fifteen minutes walk along Cackle Street or a two minute drive from the Church.

Brede 39th Flower Festival: make a visit to St George’s Church Brede and see the visual effect of 50 arrangements and designs depicting ‘100 years ago …’ around the Church Hall stalls will be selling books a myriad of things in Grannies Attic, cakes, jams and chutneys, plants and produce and every day over the three day weekend teas, coffees, cakes, dinners and afternoon teas will be served in the church Room The Grand Raffle is outside the Church it is open from 10 to 5pm each day and opens after the service Sunday. If you come on Bank Holiday Monday the Steam Giants are open too from 10am – 4pm. You could have a wonderful time and spend the whole day in the Parish.

Saturday 25 August Lipstick & Beatnics: brilliant accomplished musicians will be entertaining at 7.30pm in St George’s Church. Tickets are £10 to include Paella and a glass of prosecco. Available from The Red Lion or Father Martin Tel 01424 883408 email

Well I’ve finished this week’s column today Sunday: and it is very hot, my tea is gone, so I am off for a glass of Adam’s ale and to sit in the shade and relax for a while.

Please let me know: in good time if there is anything you would like put in the column.