Pews News: This Sunday, June 10, there is Holy Communion at 9 am at St Peter’s. Then, at 10.30 am, there will be Morning Praise at St Andrew’s, with the crèche available and Junior Church too.

At 3 pm, and still at St Andrew’s, there will be a short Memorial Service. This service is for the families, relatives and friends of those who are buried in St Andrew’s Churchyard.

At Pett Methodist Chapel, the 10.45 am service will be led by visiting preacher Mrs Margaret Heim, with the service including Holy Communion.

MOPPs today and next Friday: Today, Friday, June 8, it’s Celia King with some more chair-based exercises. Lunch today is chilli con carne with baked potato and salad, followed by cheesecake. Next week, Friday, June 15, Alan Dinsdale will be along, giving the members a talk. And luncheon next Friday will be roast chicken, and then trifle.

Everybody who is connected with MOPPs, either as a member, a volunteer or just as somebody interested in the well-being of this invaluable organisation, would do themselves and MOPPs a favour by remembering that next weekend, Saturday and Sunday, 16 and 17 June is the fifth Fairlight Open Gardens weekend, and that this time round, the beneficiaries of the operation will be MOPPs. Part with your fivers, either at the Post Office in advance, or at the gardens when the event commences, and enjoy being a little bit nosy round eleven village locations – and do MOPPs good, too!

Cream Tea, anyone?: And staying with MOPPs, you’ll be wanting something to do on the weekend after the Open Gardens. Well, here it is. You may recall a summer afternoon some two years ago when MOPPs held their first cream tea with entertainment, which kept three full-length tables in the main hall well packed with customers very happy. Now here comes its successor. From 3 until 5 pm in the village hall on Sunday, June 24, MOPPs will be serving up sustenance, refreshment and entertainment in equal measure for a mere fiver. The Post Office has tickets, or you can call 07860 414277. If you’re in two minds, just look at the posters. Best china teapot, and fruit scones with lashings of cream and strawberry jam. Entertainment by the Starlite Duo. Now get your ticket. Pavlov would be proud of you.

The Village Hall Summer Fair: Last Saturday’s village hall Summer Fair was not quite all I had promised it would be in earlier weeks of Village Voice. The many regulars, like me, were very disappointed to discover that the Tuesday Ladies Club had found themselves unable to carry on providing the much appreciated lunches they have been serving at summer and winter fairs for many years, including way back when they were still the Women’s Institute. It’s been one of those things that you don’t fully treasure until it’s gone. Anyway, a big thank you goes to the ladies from countless residents for all those delicious meals delivered over all those years. They will be sadly missed… But all the foregoing is not intended in any way to denigrate the hard work and delicious sausage rolls, scones, cakes and tea and coffee prepared by the ladies of the church doing the refreshments. They were particularly well patronised last Saturday, and the small hall was full for long periods. Every picture tells a story.

Open Gardens, 2018: Mentioned earlier under the MOPPs banner, here is a reminder in its own right, hopefully encouraging as many as possible to stroll round the village and enjoy the eleven gardens on offer. Sunday 17 is Father’s Day too, so take your Dad round, and let him partake of Pimm’s, coffee, burgers, cakes, and whatever other goodies are there for his and your delight on the day. £5 for your ticket at the Post Office, or at the gardens as you start going round. Two days, all gardens. Pretty good value for your fiver.

East Field Development: When the Observer hit the news stands last Friday, the Rother planners had just, the previous day, rejected the Playden nightmare which had made headline horror news one week prior to that planning meeting. Of course, Playden were much further along the slippery slope than we are at present but, like them, we, too, are up against major capital and big business who clearly feel for absolutely nothing but their potential profit, and will use whatever buzzwords as are necessary to mask any untruths in their deception of the planners – ‘affordable’, ‘community’, ‘enhancing foraging habitat’, ‘local village vernacular’ and, this week’s winner, ‘possible doctors’ surgery’. What they appear to be saying is ‘Look, just give us permission and we’ll alter everything and do just what we want’. Viewed overall, the plan for the East Field remains a densely packed monstrosity, with no connection to or empathy with its pleasant, rural, widespread existing neighbouring village, where the average age is probably twice what one would expect to find on the new build area. I don’t know why, but I re-read all the plans and pictured those composing them packing up on completion, and driving home to their seven-figure dwellings in their gated enclaves in deepest Surrey, where the properties surrounding them will certainly not be affordable.

The TLC Outing to Michelham Priory: Surprisingly, there are still a few tickets remaining for the TLC outing on Tuesday, June 26. As previously intimated, they will be going to Michelham Priory near Upper Dicker, where the entrance fee is £8. For guests, the cost of the coach is also £8. There is a museum, a restored and working watermill and seven acres of gardens to enjoy, and Mary Stewart, on 813031, is the person to call if you’d like to join the party.

Parkhurst Cricket Club: There’s a Super Six-a-side tournament tomorrow, Saturday June 9, on Wood Field Rec. starting at 2 pm. Let’s hope some of our readers manage to get there and give them a look, and grab a cup of tea.

A Boot Fair for the Royal British Legion: Sunday week, June 17, at the Fairlight Lodge Hotel, there is to be a Boot Fair from 1 until 5 pm. It will cost you £10 for your car, or for a stall, £15 for a van and £20 for a van and trailer. No food sales allowed! If you’d like to book your spot, please call Margaret Pulfer on 814866, and you’ll be supporting the Royal British Legion at the same time.

The Hole Truth: The notorious strip on the south side of Fairlight Road has seen some infilling. This is the fourth such work to be undertaken there since the beginning of last December, though unconscionably nothing has been done for the last six months. However, as you drive with your nearside wheels smoothly traversing the smoothed surface of the road edge, the final pothole of the group, some ten yards west of the rest, has not been dealt with. This is probably because the hole is a millimetre too shallow, or its gross area a square centimetre too small. Pragmatism counts for nothing in road repairs. And further on, the long, deep depression on the side of the road like an elongated sinkhole has begun to sink again. Even a complete non-expert can see this bit of road needs digging out and its base rebuilding – not being resolved by throwing a bucket of black stuff at it.

Oh, rats: This is proving to be a good year for rats. If you’re a rat. Do be careful not to put out food scraps, especially near the house. The sharpest wild animals are bound to get them, and at present that means rats, which seem uncommonly bold this summer.