Pews News: The 10.30 am service at St Andrew’s this Sunday, August 12, will be Morning Praise. Prior to that, at 9 am there will be a service of Informal Communion at St Peter’s.

At Pett Methodist Chapel, the 10.45 am service will be led by local preacher Mr Barry Turnwell from Bexhill

MOPPs today and next Friday: Today, Friday, August 10, there will be a produce sale, and bingo, with roast beef for lunch, and then gateaux. Next Friday, August 17, Delia Taylor, an experienced speaker from Kent, will be giving one of her many specially prepared and polished talks. After Delia, lunch will be Coronation chicken, with baked potatoes, and then trifle to follow.

The Hearing Bus: Martin Crawford Jones, the urbane and knowledgeable co-ordinator of the popular Hearing Resource Centre bus, tells us that he and the bus will next be in Fairlight in the village hall car park on Thursday, August 30 from 10.30 am until 3.30 pm, a nice long stay which should enable all with hearing questions to pose time to ask them to the team in the well-equipped but. Make a note now and be sure not to miss this opportunity to resolve any hearing problems you, your relatives or friends may have. A proper hearing test could be undertaken while you wait…

Book this time and place: The Community Library is up and running in a corner of the Post Office and General Stores, every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, from 2 till 4 pm. You possibly need to go down for some shopping anyway, so your visit could easily coincide with getting out a book or three while you’re there!

A Charity Art Show at Pett Level: On Sunday, August 19, Fairlight Artists are having a charity art exhibition and sale of work in aid of the Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat. The event will take place in the Rescue Boat House, behind the Smugglers pub at Pett Level, from 11 am to 4 pm. This function is one that is always a popular afternoon for visitors and residents alike and is organised annually. As usual, there will be a wide variety of work on offer plus cards and gifts. As well as enjoying the art, you can also watch what is going on in the boat launch area.

Planning Application for The Cove: Cllr Stephen Leadbetter, who chairs the Parish Council Planning Committee, has sent out a short report updating the state of the planning application to refurbish and improve our public house, The Cove. This application had been due to be decided in late July. The owner has agreed an extension of time for a decision with Rother Planners until September 7. Although not specifically stated, this is likely to be so that there may be sufficient time to properly consider the amendments made on July 10, in response to comments on the application, to be considered.

Guestling Flower Festival: This annual Flower Festival will be taking place at St. Laurence Church, Guestling on Friday 17, Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 August, from 10 am and 5 pm each day. The theme for this year’s event is ‘Observer’s Books’. Lunches, including Ploughman’s, tea, coffee and cakes will be available, as well as produce and book stalls, and a tombola. The event is free to enter and all proceeds will go to the St. Laurence Church Restoration Fund. The Festival concludes with a Songs of Praise service on the Sunday at 6pm. Significantly, this is the last year that Rosemary Gainsbury, the current organiser, will be running the Festival, as she is retiring after 30 years. In view of this fact, all at Guestling are hoping for a record turnout to thank Rosemary and to show her just how much her hard work and organisational skills have been appreciated over such a long period of time! If you have any questions, please call 01424 812254. Guestling Church is signposted from the junction of the A259 and Church Lane. Plenty of parking is available – and it’s all free!

You may also be interested in the Guestling service a week earlier than the Flower Festival, on August 12. At 4 pm there is to be a Pet Service! Any and all animals are invited to attend, with their owners, preferably on a lead. There will be cakes and cream teas at the end of the service, to raise funds for the Church. Dog biscuits will be available, but these are principally for the dogs.

Old people’s week – or longer – is just around the corner: In fact, Monday October 1 is officially Older People’s Day 2018 – an International Day created to recognise and celebrate the achievements and contributions that older people make to our society. In East Sussex they are celebrating it from September right through to the end of October, hopefully because we deserve it, not because they think it takes us that long to catch up with what’s going on.

East Sussex County are offering a great variety of events to choose from right across the county, including activities to promote health and well-being, matinee films, cabaret, low cost or free ‘taster sessions’ at the Leisure Centres, a variety of interesting talks, lots of music, guided walks and tours, and of course many opportunities for people to get together locally and enjoy food and drink and good company. Many of the events are free. With luck there’ll be an enormous lounge somewhere with deep, studded leather chairs, so we can all drop soundo after the intense frenetic activity kindly planned for us.

Go to www.eastsussex.gov.uk and explore the web until you find the 48 page booklet outlining all the delights on offer for us somewhat older persons. Unless you’re a very quick reader many of the events will be over before you’ve read about them. There is something called CT, which here means Community Transport, not lying down in a huge metal, but minimally claustrophobic, doughnut, to which many older people are accustomed. There is also a game called pickleball, which sounds singularly appropriate for the elderly, but is actually played with a perforated polymer ball called a wiffle ball. That’s much clearer…

Lights up on Battery Hill: Battery Hill may indeed be an accident waiting to happen, though the question must be, in the mottled darkness approaching a full blackout, would anyone notice it? How dads can drive up or down the hill with mum in the front and two kids in the back, and all this in a large, black or dark blue, saloon with no lights on, is baffling. The dads’ eyes, brains and reactions are probably sharp and quick, but what makes you think the guy coming the other way is similarly equipped? I can tell you – he isn’t. He’s much older, and so is his car. So put your lights on, dad, and give yourself and the others a fighting chance…