Icklesham news
Icklesham news

GREETINGS: The season is beginning to show its colours now. Picture this. The sky is a soft clear translucent blue with a few cotton wool clouds floating high above, and against this background there is a small tree with crimson leaves. Beautiful. And in my garden.

CHURCH NEWS: It is Harvest Festival this Sunday when the church will look lovely with all the decorations. As to who will be leading the service, sorry, information is not to hand at present. Why not come and be surprised ?!! You know that it will be a lovely service. The Harvest Supper is the following week, on Friday 6th October at 7 for 7.30 pm. Tickets are £5 available from Janet Pegg on 814 735 or Careena Prince on 813 289. This will be a very happy social occasion held in the Memorial Hall. Aha - information just in tells me that Rev. Edward Bryant will be leading the Harvest Service. Today, 29th September is the feast day of Saint Michael and All Angels. Many hilltop churches are dedicated to St. Michael. During the week we commemorate George Kennedy Bell, Bishop of Chichester 1956, on Wednesday 4th it is Francis of Assissi, 1226, and William Tyndale translator, reformer and martyr 1536 is on Friday 6th.

WEATHER: Well, this week I have been able to sit happily in the sun, and dodge showers too. We are past the Equinox now, so the nights are drawing in most noticeably. Sunrise at the beginning of September was at 06.12, on 30th it was 06.56. Sunset was 19.40 and on the 30th it was 18.37. The full moon on 5th October is usually referred to as the Hunters’ Moon. If it is as splendid as last month’s Harvest Moon, it will be spectacular...... Now, something that I have just read states that the full moon closest to the autumn equinox is called the Harvest Moon. So I am now very confused.!

HORTICULTURAL AUTUMN SHOW: This show opens to the public at 2 pm TOMORROW , Saturday 30th. There will be lots of lovely flowers, vegetables and fruit and cookery delights. The children from the school will also be displaying artwork.

QUEEN’S HEAD: The live music on Sunday will be played by Stone Junction, playing Americana. This starts at 4 pm. There will be a Quiz Night on Wednesday 4th October starting at 8.30 pm. This is to raise funds for Breast Cancer Care.

SCHOOL NEWS: Round 2 of the appointments to the Prefects Team sees Head Prefects Jasmine and Iona and Prefects Hollie and Dylan pleased to welcome the following children to the Prefect Team after successful applications : Solomon, Joel, Mary, Cam, Freddie,and Kyle. Congratulations. Designs for a Christmas card can be handed in as soon as you like. Our local MP Amber Rudd will be choosing her favourite design. All children will be preparing a piece of work for display at the HORTICULTURAL SHOW to be held on Saturday 30th September in the Memorial Hall. There are very many awards this week. The Head Teacher’s awards go to ; Squirrel Class, Autumn for being polite and helpful; Badger Class, Johnie for a positive attitude and good manners; Falcon Class, Mia for being caring and sharing in class; Fox Class, Inigo for contributing brilliantly to the class. The class awards go to ; Squirrel Class, Moses for marvellous mental maths; and Oscar for super counting; Badger Class, Charlie for a thoughtful attitude to writing and Holly for persevering and challenging herself; Falcon Class, Cody for excellent work in rounding and history and Taylor for a brilliant contribution to music lessons; and Fox Class, Joe for his first place in the Foxes’ Triathlon and Oliver for an excellent attitude to work and school life. There are more : Head Teacher awards to Taylor for politeness, the Caretaker ‘s award to Badger Class for a super effort to keep the cloakroom and class room tidy; Attendance award to Squirrel Class. Congratulations to every one of you. Well done.

CONTACT: Do please let me know of anything which you would like included in the Village Voice.

AND FINALLY: I do sincerely hope that you have a lovely week with varied activities to amuse you. I have enjoyed many concerts in Rye Festival it will be a change to stay in!