Icklesham news
Icklesham news

GREETINGS: Has your heating been turned on yet? I find I need a little warmth in the evenings, even if the day has been sunny. And when it is wet, everything seems sort of clammy.

CHURCH NEWS: The Eucharistic service on Sunday will be led by Rev. Malcolm Jones. This is the eighteenth Sunday after Trinity. During the week we commemorate primarily Edward the Confessor, King of England 1066. He founded Westminster Abbey, was the patron saint of England until displaced by St. George in the 14th century. His feast day was originally held on 5th January, the date of his death, but is now celebrated on the day of his canonisation.

HARVEST SUPPER: This feast will be held in the Memorial Hall on Friday 6th October. GOODNESS ..... that’s tonight! It is 7 for 7.30 pm. if you still need a ticket, please contact Janet Pegg on 814 735 or Careena Prince on 813 289 rather urgently. Tickets are £5.

WORSHIP TOGETHER: A service to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Luther’s 95 theses will be held in St. Mary’s Rye on 29th OCTOBER - not as writ in our magazine - at 6 pm. For further details or enquiries contact Canon Richard Orchard on 01797 22 59 16.

WEATHER: Raining hard at the moment. Apparently it is the tail end of the Atlantic hurricanes. Lots of rain + lots of leaves on the roads = a mushy mess. Do take care, it can be quite slippery. Some lovely long, wet grass will need attention as soon as it is dry enough.

FLOWER SHOW: Even though entries were low, the hall still looked colourful with the flowers and children’s art work for the Autumn Flower Show. The chocolate sponges in the cookery section looked very mouth-watering. Also in the children’s section there were some funny looking animals made from fruit and vegetables. Well done to all trophy winners; Stuart for the most points in fruit and vegetables; Christine for the best in the cookery with her Cornish pasties, Wendy for the best dessert - this class is kindly sponsored by Kate and Syd Mylrea from Manor Farm Oast. Ann won the cup for the most points in classes 19 - 32. She also won the Best in Show for flowers cut from and open garden. Judy won the most points in the show and she also got the shield for a member living outside the village with the most points throughout the year. Congratulations to all the children who won medals, and Oast House for the Inter Challenge Cup.

Thank you to the Judges. Also Barbara for running the raffle, Judy the Tombola, Mags and Kim for serving teas and Jane for presenting the trophies at the end of the afternoon. Also thanks to the staff at school for their support in encouraging the children create a piece of artwork. And not least, Stuart, Michael and Simon for setting out the hall on Friday afternoon. The AGM is on Friday 20th October in the Memorial Hall at 7 pm. The Society would like to thank everyone for their support throughout the year. Thanks to Ann Osborne for this report.

QUEEN’S HEAD: The live music at 4 pm on Sunday will be played by the Dave Paul 3 playing Covers. The Queen’s Head celebrates its 30th year of inclusion in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide.

MAGAZINE: Are you able to help by taking over the editors job on the village magazine? Someone is needed to keep this valuable communication going. Talk to Marilyn if you feel you can help. She is on 812 777.

SCHOOL NEWS: Lots going on. The members of the School Council have now been elected, as follows ; Squirrel Class, Millie and Moses; Badger Class, Charlie and Elliot; Falcon Class, Jacob and Jazmin; and Fox Class, Solomon and Jolie. There are two new prefects, Amy and Siena. Congratulations to all. The children’s participation in the Horticultural Show has already been mentioned. The special Headteacher’s Award goes to Deacon for politeness. The Caretaker’s award goes to Squirrel Class for super effort to keep the cloakroom and classroom tidy. Badger Class won the attendance award and the Golden table names have been announced. The Headteacher awards this week go to ;Squirrel Class, Nancy; Badger Class, Jack; Falcon Class, Edie; and Fox Class, Solomon. The class awards are as follows ; Squirrel Class, Layticia and Lucia; Badger Class, Liam and Summer; Falcon Class, Mabel and Mei; and Fox Class, Oliver and Jasmine. Well done everyone.

CONTACT: Please do let me know of anything which you would like published in the Voice.

AND FINALLY: Enjoy the coming week, outside if it is fine enough. Otherwise, pretend and hibernate.