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Iden news

A BUSY WEEKEND FOR THE CHURCH: Tomorrow evening the traditional Harvest Supper is being held in the village hall [7pm for 7.30] Tickets are £8, which includes a glass of wine, and can be obtained from Iden Stores. Amusements are guaranteed. It’s always a fun evening, to herald the Autumn season.

A HARVEST SERVICE: On Sunday 1st October, at 9.30am, the traditional Harvest Service for all the family will be attended by the local Archdeacon, who will say a few words and greet people afterwards. The Church would appreciate gifts of food to be brought to the service, which will be given to the food bank, and the family support worker. [ For ease of distribution, packets or tins are requested, not fresh produce]

EVENING SERVICE ON 1st OCTOBER: On Sunday evening at 6pm, there will be a family ‘Songs Of Praise’, in Iden Parish church, to thank everyone who has helped fund the Church tower repairs, although everyone is invited, to what will be a happy occasion. There will be refreshments afterwards.

THE CHURCH TOWER: has been a landmark in the village for at least the past 6oo years, and it’s renovation, the result of much fund raising, and donations from so many generous people.

A PATTERN OF BEHAVIOUR: We aren’t the best of gardeners, but this year we planted a row of sunflowers which have given us a lot of pleasure, watching them grow to their enormous height. I had no idea that they have smaller sunflowers along their stems as though they’ve given birth. Sunflower seeds were very big in Canada where I grew up, roasted and salted in their shells My Granny used to send parcels when we moved to England, containing 5 cent bags of sunflower seeds. I’m not good at much, but I can crack open a sunflower seed and extract the seed like a chipmunk. Oh I know we have tons of ready- seeded ones, but it’s not the same. It’s lovely to see those giant flowers holding their heads up staring at the sun, full of life and strong as an ox. Their great thick stems needed tying to the fence, but they die in a most macabre-looking way heads hanging down as though their necks are broken [not nice at all]. When you think about it most flowers have a tale to tell, a life to unravel. Roses for instance keep coming back for a second showing as though they’ve handed in their notice once and thought twice about it. What about Day- Lilies, they live for a day and give up, as though they’ve caught a 24 hour bug. The wild cyclamen that are growing all along the entrance to Iden Bowls Club, have infiltrated our war memorial, as though they have crept in quietly to pay their respects to Iden’s brave soldiers. Dainty and delightfully pink, they are a sweet sight. Flowers are not just a pretty face are they? If we observe them for long enough their idiosyncrasies will emerge!

SPEAKING OF THE WAR MEMORIAL: Our War Memorial is carefully attended by Sue White, and it always looks neat and ship-shape, honouring the brave.

Knitter Natter: Every second Tuesday, 2pm-4pm, in Iden village hall there is a chance to share handicrafts and conversation. [a trouble shared is a trouble halved over a bit of knitting or embroidery] The next one is on Tuesday 3rd October.

THE IDEN AND DISTRICT NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY: The first meeting is on October 13th, and is entitled ‘Oodles and Attercops [many spiders], by Chris Bentley, which is the Breda And Ernie Burt Memorial Lecture’. Living as we do in such a rural setting, it’s nice to have brought to our attention not only our own flower and Fauna, but those further afield, and the lectures are of high standard. Do come along, at 7.30pm.All are welcome .The annual subscription is £14, but visitors pay £3.

ROD’S CHRISTMAS CARDS: Rod Stuart has produced some Christmas cards depicting Iden Church, a rural, rustic setting, ideal to send to friends and family outside Iden. It’s not too early to buy Christmas cards. They sell at 50 pence each, and proceeds go to the Church tower fund . Please ring Rod Stuart [telephone 280265], if you wish to order some.

GET A LOAD OF CHRIS’S BAKING!: Chris in Iden Stores would easily win ‘Bake off’, [but we can’t spare him for the filming] Lovely cakes and cheese straws. Not often a shopkeeper gets up at the crack of dawn to bake for his customers. It all adds to the homely feel of our shop.

THE PUB QUIZ: Iden has a pub quiz at ‘ The Bell,’ every third Wednesday at 7.30pm. It’s great fun. Win or lose, it’s nice to stretch those brain cells. Everyone is welcome. Put a note in the diary, the next quiz is on Wednesday 18th October.

THE PARISH COUNCIL MEETING: Iden Parish council meeting is on Tuesday, 3rd October, at 7.30pm, in Iden village hall. It’s all about Iden , and what is going on in Rother, and it’s good to have both Iden and Rother councillors in attendance. Everyone is welcome.

A GAME OF CONTENTION: Lately, we’ve been switching off the TV, and playing cards. A game of cards with a dish of crisps and a few Maltesers is a fine way of spending an evening. The cat joins in and immediately lies on the cards. I give her some turkey -flavoured ‘Dreamies’ [well it’s her home too.] Rivalry at the card table is very addictive. Just when I think I’ve got rummy, my husband beats me to it, and he’s so smug about it. He treats me like a lesser human being, until I rise to the occasion with the next three hands of rummy. Does it really matter, it’s only a game, a set of plastic -coated cards relegated to the odds and ends drawer at the end of the evening? You bet it does, it’s a ‘pistols at dawn’ situation. If he keeps winning like he did last night we’re getting a divorce [ and I’m keeping the cat!]

CONTACT ME: If anyone has anything to add to the Village Voice, please ring Gill Griffin [telephone 01797 280311]