Iden news
Iden news

A MOMENT OF TOTAL PEACE: Are you ever overcome quite suddenly by a feeling of complete tranquillity? Such moments tend to be fleeting, and come out of the blue. A feeling of bliss suddenly engulfs us without a by your leave, a sense of being warm and snug and perfectly happy with our surroundings. Time stands still in those moments, and we hear nothing but our own breathing and perhaps the ticking of a clock. It’s like being in a bubble that we never want to pop. Life is pretty frenetic isn’t it, full of niggling worries and stress and commitment, and suddenly here we are floating on a cloud of well-being, as though the rest of the world has stopped. Wouldn’t it be nice if all moments were like that? Probably not though, or the occasional ones wouldn’t be quite so divine!

THE PARISH COUNCIL MEETING: The meeting on 3rd October, in Iden village hall was quite well-attended. Ray Griffin chaired the meeting. Rother District Councillor Paul Osbourne addressed the proposed building development in the field behind ‘Conkers’. Paul said he was aware that villagers living near the Conker’s site are naturally awaiting news of an outcome. He said he had made enquiries from a planning officer, who is to have someone visit the site in the next few weeks, though not to expect any outcome until January. Councillors Keith Glazier and Sally Anne Hart both sent apologies for absence. Waste bins in Iden are to undergo a check and possible overhaul. A cleaning session was proposed, to spruce up Iden’s road signs. We were advised by councillor Jim Wood, that an on-line mapping service is available, to include all footpaths in Iden, Jim expressed that he would like all the listed buildings in Iden to be added in at some stage. Councillor Michael Miller expressed his concern about insurance cover for the Iden Fete next year. A timeline needs to be ascertained, so that there is no rush for last-minute cover, as fete insurance is of uppermost importance. There is to be a tree re-planting service in Iden, so that at least one new tree is planted yearly, to make up for any shortfall, caused by the felling of diseased trees. Our mobile library service is to be withdrawn. Jim Woods would like all Iden villagers to know that there is a ‘Save a Life’ session on Friday 20th October, in Iden village hall, from 7.30pm-9.30pm. The full minutes of the meeting can be read on the ‘Iden Web site’. The next meeting is on Tuesday 7th November, at 7.30pm, in Iden village hall.

TONIGHT IN IDEN VILLAGE HALL: There is a meeting of the Iden And District Natural History Society tonight in Iden village hall, at 7.30pm. The lecture is entitled ‘OODLES and Attercops’ [many spiders], by Chris Bentley. The subscription fee is a minimum of £14, and visitors pay £3, for what are lectures of very high standard.

KNITTER-NATTER: The next [fortnightly] Knitter-Natter session is on Tuesday 17th October, in Iden village hall, from 2pm-4pm.Not only is this a chance to share various crafts, but for lively conversation as you stitch or sew.

JUMBLE SALE ON 4TH NOVEMBER: There is a jumble sale on Saturday 4th November, in Iden village hall, at 10pm. If anyone has books, clothing, toys, or bric-a-brac, please ring Carol Bourne [telephone 01797 280464], or Chris Slater [telephone 01797 280467] No electrical goods.

THE SENIOR’S CHRISTMAS MEAL: Please ring Teresa Cooper [telephone 280143] if you wish to procure a ticket for the Senior’s Christmas Meal, on 2nd December [12.30pm for 1pm.]

A SERVICE OF HOLY COMMUNION: There is a Service of Holy Communion this Sunday, in Iden Parish Church, at 9.30am.

HAVE YOU SEEN MY OTHER HALF?: I’m moaning once again about the sock situation in our house. My husband sat on the edge of the bed the other day and said, “blimey. I’ve actually got a complete pair of socks”. He isn’t exaggerating, I’ve tried everything, My daughter bought him socks with different- coloured toes recently [surely that would do it], but already the whole six pairs have gone walk-about. Mostly I buy all black for him, but he still ends up wearing one long and one short, which is a worry if ever he should end up in A and E. [A person tends to look a little deranged with odd socks on]. Hidden throughout our house are socks never again to come face to face with their partners. Sometimes I spend an evening pairing socks. In fact, I was thinking of putting on a dinner party with a sock- pairing theme. [but that would put people off their crème brulee]. Oh, what does it matter who sees them under your trousers”, I say blithely, but I know it’s a flaw I’m trying to make light of. By rights, I should be married to a hippy who doesn’t wear socks at all. What man wants to walk about with socks of not only different lengths, but on occasions different colours. Socks lose each other, between the washing machine and the drier [are they, seeking a clandestine meeting with another sock]? If so there is a heck of a lot of infidelity going on with the socks in this house!

CONTACT ME: If anyone has anything to add to the village voice, please ring Gill Griffin [telephone 01797 280311]