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Iden news

A LITTLE COLOUR PLEASE!: Once upon a time, buying a carpet meant choosing from rolls of colourful shades. Last week we were told that people now go for beige or grey, and that’s that, and indeed it seemed so, because apart from a few colours hidden deep amongst the samples all carpets were grey or beige. It saddened me, I must say that colour is to be excluded, and our preferences cloned to embrace only the shades of a sandy beach, or a moody sky. I felt like a ‘Stepford wife’, following the crowd. Are we all to wave goodbye to the rich tapestry of colour that lurks in our soul? I love red, the colour of poppies. I imagine bright red cooking pots decorating some cavernous Mexican cantina [swarthy Mexicans drinking tequila] Someone told me once that the colour red is conducive to eating, so much of my kitchen is unfashionably red. I love blue [although blue can be cold], but not if mixed to accommodate different blues, Forget -me-not blue and the ever-changing blues of the sea. Yellow is my favourite the colour of the sun, and primroses, and those tiny ladies slippers that form a group in the grass [safety in numbers] Then green. Look at the shades of green the good Lord created for us to wonder at. His imagination was boundless, his open- mindedness, and intrinsic eye for colour something which has intrigued and astounded since the world began. All that uninhibited foliage, the green background that allows every other colour to shine. Orange now, the colour of flame [very popular in the sixties and seventies] I loved it then, but for the purpose of furnishings familiarity has bred contempt. I love gold [the Midas touch] Purple too, the colour of plums and damsons and vicar’s robes. I felt a little downcast when I came out of the carpet shop. Who are these people who love only beige?

IDEN AND DISTRICT NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY: There is a lecture on October 27th, entitled ‘Gardening For Wildlife’, by Brian Nobbs, in Iden village hall, at 7.30pm. Visitors pay £3, and all are most welcome for an entertaining evening.

JUMBLE SALE ON 4TH NOVEMBER: There is a jumble sale on 4th November, in Iden village hall, at 10am. If you have any jumble, please ring Carol Bourne [telephone 01797 280464], or Chris Slater [telephone 01797 280467] No electrical goods.

THE SENIOR’S CHRISTMAS MEAL: On Saturday, 2nd December, there will be a Senior’s Christmas meal, in Iden village hall [12.30pm, for 1pm] If you wish to procure tickets, Please ring Teresa Cooper [telephone 280143]

A SERVICE OF HOLY COMMUNION: There is a Service of Holy Communion, this Sunday, at 9.30am, in Iden Parish Church.

ROD STUART’S CHRISTMAS CARDS: Rod Stuart has produced a delightful Christmas card this year depicting Iden Church, ideal to send to friends and family from outside Iden. Rod has come up with a rural view of the church, combined with a bright red envelope. If you wish to buy any, please ring Rod Stuart [telephone 280265].

KNITTER-NATTER: If any of you wish to combine an afternoon of a craft of your choice with a cosy chat, do come along to Iden village hall on Tuesday 31st November from 2pm-4pm. All are welcome.

LIFE IN THE OLD DOG YET: Being retired does not necessarily mean being retiring. It doesn’t mean settling for a quiet calm life. We all of us crave a little excitement. We are still capable of stretching our imaginations, and stepping out of the box now and again. Old age is not defined by cocoa and tight perms. We are all of us able to take a leap of faith don’t you think?. My husband is gathering Brownie points, decorating the bedroom, and I’ve decided to go for something a little wild, something less folksy and gingham, not my usual quilted Anne of Green Gables look, more the Bedouin tent look, gold, bold, and in your face [More zestful than restful]. It’s not easy, there is a tendency to overstep, and become ridiculous, and I’ve spent hours on the internet seeking out a bedspread. It may only be a coverlet, but I’m setting a scene here, and there are some pretty unpredictable bedspreads hidden within the bowels of the computer Before my poor husband, is down off the ladder I’ll march in with my new slightly over the top feminine touches. But that’s the beauty of it. We older folk may walk a little more slowly toward our aspirations, but our heads are still full of surprises. We’re coiled springs, alive with hidden passion, still fiery and mercurial, still chasing our dreams. If you’re thinking of lighting our touch paper, just make sure you stand well back!

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