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Iden news

SUITABLY SPOOKY!: Did any of you have a Halloween visitation this week? Did People dressed up like Boris Karloff, or ghosts, or witches hold open bags at your front door to receive Halloween sweets? Did any of you sculpture a pumpkin? Well, the Rye area already has an advantage, because spooky tales abound, around here. Stories of smugglers and underground passages are rife, and the very fact that Rye is so ancient lends itself to a ghoulish feeling, while tramping its streets at night. Darkness isn’t just there, it clings to us like a cloak, and Rye’s mysterious history, can feel almost recent, especially if the wind catches a creaky pub sign, and an owl flutters past looking for a tasty rat. Iden itself, devoid of streetlights is just the right setting for poltergeists, and here too, we feel the closeness of history, a time when way back when, people took the law into their own hands. Demonic Halloween requires every ounce of darkness, blood-curdling tales, spiders as big as tea cups, and bats sweeping the air with their evil little faces. One night a year to allow us full rein to dwell on the supernatural, and all its eerie tendrils. It’s all pretty spine-tingling, and allows us to celebrate whatever lurks in the ghostly footprints of the past.

‘LINK TO HOPE SHOEBOX APPEAL’: Every year Sue Cavilla organizes the ‘Link To Hope Shoebox Appeal’, and Sue asked me to thank all those who provided a shoebox full of items for those desperately in need. Special thanks to Iden Parish Church, and the WI, for giving to those you will never meet, but who’s gratitude you may rest assured will make for a special Christmas for the less fortunate. Many thanks to Sue for her unfailing support.

JUMBLE SALE TOMORROW: There is a jumble sale tomorrow [Saturday 4th November], in Iden village hall, at 10am. To donate any last-minute jumble please ring Carol Bourne [ telephone 01797 280464, or Chris Slater [telephone 01797 280467] No electrical goods.

ROD’S CHRISTMAS CARDS: Rod Stuart ‘s Christmas cards this year depict a lovely rural view of Iden Parish Church, very suitable for friends and family outside Iden. A cheery red envelope is a modern touch for what is a rustic card. If anyone wishes to order cards, please ring Rod Stuart [telephone 280265]

THE SENIOR’S CHRISTMAS MEAL: Anyone wishing to book tickets for the senior’s Christmas meal, please ring Teresa Cooper [telephone 280143] The meal is on 2nd December, in Iden village hall, and starts at 12.30pm, for 1pm.

SPEAKING OF CHRISTMAS: Already, I’ve got a little pile of wrapped Christmas presents in a hidden corner. It’s not too early [surely] to buy stocking fillers [the gems of Christmas morning.] Little bits and bobs put together by people that know us and what we particularly like. I normally get olives and ginger in syrup, soap dispensers, a clutch of long- handled pot scourers, red liquorice and housework perfume, a funny old mix, but there you go. Now that Halloween is out of the way, I feel a Christmas fervour! [ joy of joys]

IDEN AND DISTRICT NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY: The next meeting of the above is on Friday 10th November, and the lecture is on a subject most of us wonder at, which is ‘EDIBLE MUSHROOMS’, by Geoff Dann. The lecture starts at 7.30pm, and costs £3 for visitors, and of course you are welcome to join this lively, interesting society

MY FAITHFUL OLD ADDRESS BOOK: We must have had our address book for thirty years, and it’s so tatty it’s a health hazard. Every year I think of buying a new one, but something stops me. I’m emotionally attached to the names in it, [Though some of the people in it, I probably wouldn’t know now if I met them in the street]. It’s full of the names of people who are no longer with us, that I’ve marked R.I.P, and yes, it would be nice to buy a new fresh one where everyone in it is at least still alive, but loathe to scrub out the memory of old friends. It’s a little bit of personal history. So many crossings out, changes of address, additional children, and children moving out, marrying and getting their own homes. Lots of divorces, people no longer together, friends who have married other folk [ It’s hard to remember not to call them by the name of the ex-wife or husband]. Wife, or ex-wife though, they all have a place in our address book. Now that I’m forgetting people’s names at the rate of knots, it’s very handy, and it carries the names of people who supply logs and make curtains, and do a nice pedicure. Yes, I am attached to it [I’d go so far as to say I love this scruffy old relic]. It’s part of the family. Throwing it out would be like binning one of the children!

CONTACT ME: If anyone has anything to add to the Village Voice, please ring Gill Griffin [telephone 01797 280311]