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Iden news

RELOCATING BOB: Last week we drove home from my daughter’s slowly and carefully with Bob, a large goldfish slopping around in the boot of the car. He was to join the goldfish in our pond, and was carefully tipped into the pond with all the reverence of a state funeral. My daughter is a bit over the top when it comes to nurturing animals, fish etc. Bob was a fairground fish, and he grew both vertically and horizontally out of all proportion [if I was a vet, I’d be checking out his thyroid] because he’s huge. Now I’m not usually emotionally attached to fish. I always assumed you go along to the pet shop for a bowl, a bit of weed, a carton of fish food that you tap on the side to release flakes of confetti- like stuff which keeps them happily circling the bowl, and I’m sure I’d want to buy some pink plastic pond weed too, to give the fish bowl a kind of Country House Interiors look. However, packed in Bob’s suitcase was some kind of aerator, and more potions than we have in our own medicine chest. “This one is in case he gets fin-rot”, said my grandson. [fin rot, good grief] Already I’m thinking that I’m not a suitable person to deal with fin rot, and doubtless my daughter will want a daily health report. I was under the impression that fish just swim about willy nilly. Well ours seem to anyway, but I woke up in the middle of the night wondering how Bob had settled, being the new fish on the block [just because he’s large doesn’t mean he isn’t sensitive], and my husband was out checking on Bob before he did the morning toast. “He’s still alive”, he called up the stairs, and I felt the same kind of relief I did when one of our children got over croup. I wondered how he was mixing with the other fish, but thank goodness he’s fine. He’s swimming around with Jaws, Herman, Moby, Wanda, Neptune, Finnegan, Goldie, Frank and Nemo as though he’s been there forever!

A SERVICE OF HOLY COMMUNION: There is a service of Holy Communion in Iden Parish Church, on Sunday. At 9.30am

THE SENIORS CHRISTMAS MEAL: The Iden Christmas meal is on Saturday 2nd December [ 12.30 pm, for 1pm] in Iden village hall. Anyone who wishes to purchase a ticket, please ring Teresa Cooper [ telephone 280143]

KNITTER NATTER: There is an afternoon of craft in Iden village hall on Tuesday 14th November, from 2pm, -4pm. All are welcome to bring a craft of your choice, knitting, sewing, or whatever you enjoy. It’s a chance to have a good chat, and join with other like-minded ladies.

IDEN AND DISTRICT NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY: Tonight [November 10th], in Iden village hall, there will be a lecture on ‘EDIBLE MUSHROOMS’, BY Geoff Dann. This is surely a subject of interest to many. Visitors pay £3, and you are welcome to join this lively society. The lectures are of a high standard, and perfect for country -dwellers who enjoy the intricacies of nature.

NOVEMBER 5TH: Did you all get to enjoy some fireworks? Anyway the Rye display is tomorrow isn’t, and that is always so pagan and exciting, with drumbeats heard throughout the town and those lovely flaming pitch torches. I must say I don’t go anymore [ I don’t go anywhere these days where I can’t locate a kettle], but I know that it’s quite splendid. We had a family display in my daughter’s garden, a lovely mixture of fireworks, sausages, barbecue sauce, and muddy wellies. I had my feet wrapped in two Tesco bags to protect my daughter’s carpet. It was very muddy and slippery. “hang on to fence”, said my husband. He thinks I’ve got one foot in the grave and another on a banana skin [it’s very disconcerting] I can remember my grandchildren delightfully holding a sparkler, then a few years on being allowed to light some fireworks. They were all like little arsonists, but this year they sat discussing boyfriends and A levels, and let their dads do the fireworks .November the 5th is a bit of a benchmark when it comes to growing up. Bangs could be heard everywhere, and that lovely sulfuric smoke belched through the air [It felt communal and sharing knowing that other families were enjoying fireworks just like us.] My son brought one firework that cost as much as the Christmas turkey [he must have had a brainstorm, but it was lovely, all-singing, and all- dancing, and what the heck, it’s all about paying homage to history while having a sausage and a bit of fun!

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