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Iden news

REMEMBERING NORMAN: During this week’s Remembrance service, I thought of my mother’s first husband Norman, who was blown up in El Alamein. They had met in the church choir, and were childhood sweethearts. I never met Norman, but he was in a way a part of my family, and he allowed me to be slotted into the world when my mother married my dad, her second husband. My mother always spoke of Norman as being a thoroughly decent man, and I have a little wooden box he made which I would never part with, because his life was all too short, like all the other soldiers who died for their country. I felt that I knew him through here say only, but he was of importance in my life. Fate is such a strange phenomenon that touches us all. I can’t help feeling that he gave up his life for me as well as his country, but I wish he’d had a full life too. There is no gift more generously given than life itself.

REMEMBRANCE SERVICES: A two minute’s silence was observed on Saturday 11th November at Iden’s war memorial, and there was a lovely service on Sunday 12th November in Iden Parish Church, carried through to the war Memorial in the centre of Iden. A large congregation walked to the memorial from the church. Alan Riley laid the church wreath, Ray Griffin, the Parish Council wreath, and Anne Banning the W.I wreath. Prayers were said by the vicar, Teresa Munro. It was a moving tribute. Villagers wore black with poppies pinned to their lapels. The least anyone could do for iden’s fallen.

THE PARISH COUNCIL MEETING: The meeting, on 7th November, in Iden village hall was fairly well attended. Ray Griffin Chaired the meeting, and opened by saying that Councillor John Hazelden has resigned, and we are in need of a new Councillor. If anyone wishes to stand, please ring Mary Philo [telephone 01797 270790] Ray thanked Jim Wood, and the I.C.E.TEAM [Iden Community Emergency Forum], for arranging the recent ‘Save A Life’ demonstration in the village hall. He gave details of the Remembrance Services. Ray also informed us that Betty Bannister has died. Betty was a lovely lady, a sad day for her many friends in Iden. Keith Glazier, Chairman of East Sussex Council was pleased to announce that there had been a meeting between MP’s, at Ashford Station, attended by Amber Rudd, on the proposed rail link between Ashford and Rye to connect with the fast rail track to London, which should greatly improve travelling times. Councillor Sally Anne Hart spoke of the aid available to relieve fuel poverty, a necessity for some at this time of year. Sally Anne mentioned that our Council Tax is unfortunately being raised as needs must, in order to fulfil necessary services. Councillor Paul Osborne has been asked by Police to remind people not to leave keys by the front door. Apparently, a new trick is for thieves to use a fishing rod through the letter box to retrieve keys. There is also a scam, reported from the Bexhill area. People claiming to be bin collectors from K.I.E.R, are asking for Christmas bonus money, and money for large-goods removal, so ‘BE AWARE’ if such a scam hits our area, and report concerns to the Police. Our Parish Clerk, Mary Philo asked if parishioners would like to suggest anything they feel could improve Iden, which if agreed might possibly be paid for out of the Council precept. Mary thanked all those who turned out in the rain recently to clean Iden signposts. The Council were pleased to give a £50 donation to ‘Rother Responders’, [which have been excellent], and £100 to Rother Rural Trust, which helps rural people in particular need. The Council Website was discussed at length, and also the proposed new addition to the play area. Quotes for a new ditch -drainage system by the Playing field car park will be considered. The next Parish Council meeting will be on December 5th, in Iden village hall, at 7.30pm. All are welcome to attend.

A SERVICE OF HOLY COMMUNION: There is a service of Holy Communion in Iden Parish Church this Sunday, at 9.30am

IDEN AND DISTRICT NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY: There is a lecture on Friday 24th November, in Iden village hall, at 7.30pm. The lecture entitled ‘The Land That Time Forgot, New Zealand Birds and Wildlife’, by John Buckingham. Visitors are most welcome, and pay £3 for very informative lectures.

Knitter Natter: Tuesday 28th November is the fortnightly afternoon of craft and merry chatter in Iden village hall [from 2pm-4pm] Bring along a craft of your choice, and enjoy a bit of frivolity.

THE SENIOR’S CHRISTMAS MEAL: The Iden Christmas meal this year is on 2nd December, [12.30pm, for 1pm], in Iden village hall. If you wish to book tickets, please ring Teresa Cooper [telephone 280143]

IT’S A DOG’S LIFE: We’ll have a small selection of animals here at Christmas. This week I found a recipe in a magazine for homemade Christmas dog biscuits. All you had to do was buy a bone-shaped biscuit cutter, and the biscuits were as cheap as chips. “Not when you have to buy a bone-shaped cutter”, my husband said. He has lived through nearly fifty years of my wild ideas. I imagined them wrapped in cellophane with a huge red bow, me at the kitchen table cutting out dog biscuits, while Bing Crosby sings ‘I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas. The cats too will have a stocking with some tins of tuna, some Dreamies and some ping pong balls. The stable in Bethlehem was full of animals. Animals have always featured in the Nativity, so it’s very fitting that Jenson [my son’s dog], Moses and Noah [our cats], and my daughter’s cat Hazel [oh yes! she brings her cat from Surrey] should all have something to open. Last Christmas, my husband slept downstairs with the dog because Jenson wouldn’t settle. We found them both curled up amongst the presents sound asleep on the settee, having polished off a tin of shortbread!

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