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Iden news

AND SO CHRISTMAS BEGINS: This week I went Christmas shopping in Sutton with my daughter. It was quite special, because there were carols playing, and the shops were full of people. I stopped for coffee, and chatted to a lady about how she was going to seat twelve people for Boxing Day tea [Christmas brings out the sharing of ordinary every-day chit-chat] We shopped until we couldn’t carry any more. I took a baby-less pushchair which holds a multitude of bags, and my daughter took a wheelie trolley, and we both lost all sense of reason. My husband claims to have no knowledge of half the people I buy for. “Who’s that”, he’ll say, but everyone needs a present. I wanted to buy a snow globe, a beautiful one for someone special, not some tacky looking thing, a real keepsake, with a distinct scene, and plenty of snow. I shook so many snow globes I was getting repetitive strain injury. I’ll shop until I drop to find the right one. I bought these huge labels that you could write your last will and testament on, one of those mammoth cartons holding several boxes of Pringles, a cowboy tin full of Wagon Wheels, and a yard long carton of Jaffa Cakes. My husband’s part in the proceedings is working out as usual how many sprouts we’ll all need for Christmas lunch. I think I’ll up it to nine”, he said [Good Lord], we’ll never make it to Boxing Day!

SENIORS CHRISTMAS MEAL: On December 2nd, in Iden village hall, there is a Christmas meal. [Arrive at 12.30, for 1pm] Anyone who wishes to purchase a ticket, please ring Teresa Cooper [ telephone 280143]

A SERVICE OF HOLY COMMUNION: There will be a service of Holy Communion, in Iden Parish Church this Sunday, at 9.30am.

LEAGUE DINNER FOR IDEN BOWLS CLUB: On Thursday, 16th, November, Iden Bowls Club attended a League dinner at The Mermaid Inn, for several local Bowls clubs. It was very well attended. Staplecross won the league [well done Staplecross], and Iden came second. It was a chance to meet up with members from other bowls clubs.

TONIGHT IN IDEN VILLAGE HALL: There is a meeting tonight in Iden village hall, of the Iden and District Natural History Society. The meeting opens at at 7,30pm. The lecture tonight is’, The Land Time Forgot, New Zealand Birds and Wildlife, by John Buckingham. All are welcome to join, or come as a visitor. Visitors pay £3.

KNITTER-NATTER: On Tuesday,28th November, there is a Knitter-Natter session in Iden village hall [2pm-4pm] All are welcome to bring a craft of your choice, and enjoy a good chat.

DAVY CROCKETT VILLA: “Cheerio, I’m off home”, we say, and we go home and open the door to our favourite armchair, our favourite mug, our animals, our own soft comfy bed and our African Violets. My first home, as a child was an old shed my mum allowed me to have, which I called ‘Davy Crockett villa’. I was intrigued by Davy Crockett, the brave buckskin- clad man who could solve anything, and ‘killed him a bear when he was only three’ [as the song went] My mum cut up an old fur coat and made Davy Crockett hats for half the neighbourhood. I made curtains for my ‘villa, my mum gave me her chipped china, and I would cut up fallen apples to make a pretend stew. I can still remember the snug enclosed, dusty feeling of that little shed. Things in miniature have a fascination for me even now. Once inside my imagination soared, as I nursed sick dolls back from the brink of death, and was awash with imaginary, unruly children. “I’ve just about had enough of you children” I would yell “just wait until your father gets home” [it was all so dramatic] There was a tiny shop run by a little old lady who sold bundles of brand new off-cut material for sixpence [how she managed to make it pay I’ll never know.] but I hung around it like an off-cut groupie, because to me it meant table mats and rag rugs and bedding for what was every child’s dream, a first home. Why I’m telling you all this I have no idea, but it is always nice to be home isn’t it?

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