“OH NO”, SAYS GOD: Lately my prayers at night have become very elongated [the insecurity of old age] It doesn’t help having been a nurse, because I find myself praying that family members should not succumb to all kinds of medical conditions or dangerous scenarios. It borders on the ridiculous, and I can almost hear God saying “oh no it’s Gill Griffin fetch the ear plugs”. Ever since my mum taught me ‘Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep’, I say night- time prayers, which these days are becoming as lengthy as an annotated version of Shakespeare. My Grandson said “Granny, why don’t you just pray for longevity, well-being, and happiness”, which I did for a while, but then all too soon my prayers began to creep back to Endocrine disorders. Once we’ve helped to teach grandchildren the rudiments of ABC, they gradually grow into sensible people who give surprisingly sound advice. I find myself reassured and buoyed by their practicality. Perhaps I will return to just ‘Longevity, well-being and happiness,’ then God and I can both get some sleep!

EASTER CHURCH SERVICES: 25th March—Palm Sunday-special service with Holy Communion at Iden Parish Church, starting in the Old Hall at 9.30am. [ Don’t forget clocks go forward on that day]

Monday 26th March- Compline at Playden Church- 7pm.

Maundy Thursday 29th March- service at Iden Church -7pm

Good Friday 30th March reflections at Playden Church-2pm

Easter Eve Saturday 31st March-Compline at Iden Church-7pm

Easter Day- Sunday-1st April-Family service at Iden Church-9.30pm

Thursday 5th April-Service of thanksgiving for the late Derek Barham at Iden Church 2pm.

[thankyou Michael Miller for e-mailing those]

IDEN WI CELEBRATED IT’S IOOTH BIRTHDAY: On Tuesday 13th March, Iden WI celebrated it’s 100th birthday. After the singing of Jerusalem and a short business session, President Carol Bourne read The Iden Idyll, by Clifford Jordan. Members then enjoyed a delicious supper to which all members contributed. The impressive birthday cake was cut by Elsie Fairhall who has been a member for 67 years. Members then took part in Pass the Parcel, the Hokey- Cokey, and Auld Lang Syne; the ending to a most memorable and enjoyable celebration.

IDEN PLAYERS VARIETY SHOW: The show entitled ‘Whatever the Weather’ is on Saturday 14th April, in Iden village Hall. There will be two performances, 2.30pm, and 7.30pm. Doors open at 2pm and 7pm. Tickets [adults £8, and children under 16 £4 each] are available at Iden Stores. Box Office [01797 280143] There will be a charity raffle for The Friends Of Iden Church’, and St Michael’s Hospice. Please call Box Office number or see Teresa Cooper if anyone would like to donate a raffle prize.

A JUMBLE SALE TOMORROW: Tomorrow [24th March,] there is a jumble sale in Iden village hall, at 1pm. There will be bric-a brac, clothes. Books, toys, cakes, teas and a raffle. Admission is 20 pence. All are welcome. The jumble sale will support ‘ BACE’, A Gambian charity.

THE EASTER STORY AND THE DAFFODILS: During our recent snow, the daffodils have mirrored the Easter story. Good Friday was a sad unjust day. The daffodils, bowed and rendered almost lifeless by the cold reminded me of that sense of doom, but lo and behold, daffodils are capable of coming back to life unscathed after a time which for them must have been wretched, mirroring Easter Sunday’s joyful return. Their resilience is amazing, and I must say I hadn’t noticed it until this year. Iden is a lovely backdrop to Easter with it’s new lambs in the fields, and our rabbits scampering around like stage- struck actors, each one with a bit-part in Easter’s production. I love Easter don’t you? The Simnel cakes with their little balls of marzipan, the primroses and the Easter eggs, which cause such a dilemma, because everyone has such a preference. Catkins vie with pussy willow, and the Celandines look for all the world as though they have been polished with Pledge. My aunt Jessie used to sit up in bed with a sherbet dab, and I like to sit up in bed with a Cadbury’s Cream Egg [midnight munchies run in the family] I do hope you all have a happy, safe, Easter, and I hope the sun shines on the Celandines!

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