HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEN: Ken Fairhall, grew up in Iden. He is a well-loved character, and he celebrated his ninetieth birthday in Iden village hall, on Saturday 28th April. Ken’s actual birthday, the week before was celebrated with just family, but friends and family surprised him with a party on the 28th organised by Ken’s daughter’s Lesley and Caroline. Ken and his wife Jenny [Ken and Jen] are the proud parents, grandparents and great grandparents who are at the head of an ever-expanding, close-knit family. It was Elsie Fairhall’s birthday on 28th, so guests drank a toast to both Ken and Elsie. The food was great, and the great grandchildren provided much fun and hilarity. I suspect that most of Ken’s gifts were in some way related to gardening, because not only was Ken a career gardener responsible for much of Iden’s past beauty, but gardening is his enduring hobby. His expertise lie in all things horticultural, but Bonsai trees are a particular speciality. Ken very much appreciated his daughter’s thoughtful birthday surprises, and he enjoyed them with youthfulness and vigour. How do you do it Ken at age 90? I think the answer lies in the soil!

A SERVICE OF HOLY COMMUNION: There is a Service of Holy Communion, in Iden Parish Church on Sunday. at 9.30am.

TONIGHT AT IDEN BOWLS CLUB: There will be an open evening this evening for anyone who would like to join Iden Bowls Club. There will be light refreshments, and anyone from the Rye area is welcome to join. It’s a sociable club, friendly and relaxed, and there is fun to be had. The evening starts at 6pm, in the Bowls Club [opposite ‘The Bell’]

BINGO AT THE BOWLS!: On Friday 11th May, Iden Bowls Club is having an evening of ‘Bingo’. Doors open at 6.30pm. Eyes Down at 7pm. All are welcome, not just members. There will be a raffle, and light refreshments.

A BIG TEASE: The weather is having a laugh isn’t it? I’m writing this watching the raindrops having a race on the window pane. Last week when the sun shone, I got out the Brasso, the Pledge and the Windowlene. The tail of my husband’s shirt made a lovely duster, and I was away, polishing anything that moved. Sunshine does so much for energy levels doesn’t it? Whoever wrote ‘‘Ne’er Cast A Clout till May Is Out’ knew full well that our weather does not allow us to assume.

LOOKING FOR A MUG: Nothing perks me up more than new mugs for the kitchen, so this week we went to Hastings to buy some, and came back with none. Nothing grabbed me, and buying a mug is a big thing in a person’s life. We use them every day, so they need to suit our home and our personality. People have definite preferences when it comes to mugs don’t they?. We have a cupboard full, but some never get chosen and you can almost hear “pick me pick me” coming from the cupboard. It must be awful [in a ‘mug’ sense] never to be chosen , like a wallflower at a barn dance. My husband likes a squat, rounded mug, I like a big builder’s mug that would float Noah’s ark, and when the family come, the kettle goes off the boil while I pick out everyone’s favourite mug. Do you know what, I’m not going to bother in future, I’m going to give everyone the first one that comes to hand. Well, for goodness sake, who do they think I am dithering around for everyone’s convenience, some kind of mug no doubt!

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