THYME FOR HARRY AND MEGHAN: Tomorrow of course is the royal wedding. I’ve been watering the thyme in the garden all week, ready for a big chicken pie I intend making for the evening meal. A pie is easy, I won’t need to hover over the oven. I love a royal wedding, and my daughter does too, so “mum”, she said, “ I don’t want you up and down to the oven, we are going to watch the wedding from early morning, so let’s just have crisps and bubbly and Maltesers, and eat later [sounds good to me.] A little bit of history is being made. It’s not every day an American actress marries a British prince. I liked Meghan in ‘Suits’, so I’m sure she’ll be fine as a duchess. She’s used to being in the public eye isn’t she?. The men have their cup final for later, so all in all it should be a lovely day. We do pomp and ceremony so well in Britain don’t we, and nothing lifts my spirits more than a royal wedding dress and all the hats and frocks and waving from the balcony I can’t help it, I love a bit of romance. It’s the way my bonnet strings were tied!

BINGO AT THE BOWLS: After seeing so many turn up for evening Bingo at Iden Bowls Club, it’s been decided to hold it every month. Thank you to all those who came. It was fun, and so nice to see people that don’t even belong to the club. The next ‘Bingo At The Bowls’ will be on Friday, 15th June. Everyone is welcome.

THE ANNUAL IDEN ASSEMBLY: On the 2nd of June, there is the Annual Iden Assembly in Iden village hall, from 10am-12 noon. Everyone is welcome It’s a chance to find out just what does go on in Iden. There will be stalls representing various Iden clubs and societies.

IDEN STORES ASSOCIATION: The A.G.M, of Iden Stores Association will be held on Thursday 14th June, at 6pm, in Iden village hall. All customers, suppliers and the staff of this local institution and post office are very welcome.

A SERVICE OF HOLY COMMUNION: There will be a Service OF Holy Communion this Sunday, in I den Parish Church, at 9.30am.

AESTHETICALLY PLEASING: I bought loo rolls in the market this week, and they were printed with butterflies. I put them in the cupboard next to ones printed with hearts. We are incredibly spoilt nowadays when you consider that once upon a time people made do with those awful privies with newspaper threaded with string and hung on a nail. Just now when I switched on the computer there was a beautiful screensaver picture. How agreeable is that? Even a screensaver photo transports us to somewhere hot and sunny. Everything now is designed to make life a little more visually attractive. Tomatoes are laid out on polystyrene trays as though they are still growing on the vine, and wine bottles are all so trendy and intriguing. I love spending time in supermarkets perusing a whole ‘library’ of wine’. Just as you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, you can’t judge wine by it’s label, but I have to say I tend to buy wine which is pretty and matches my serviettes. I could spend an hour just looking at how the bottles are presented. So much of our lives is required to be aesthetically pleasing. Tissue boxes and socks, pencil cases, and baby’s nappies stamped with ducks etc. Everything goes the extra mile. I’ll gladly pay an extra penny or two for a hand soap dispenser that matches my curtaining. I often wonder what people from days gone by would make of the way we live now. Even tins of cat food have an element of creativity and artistry about them. Even our moggies require something more rakish and a la mode !

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