THE SCHOOL PROM: My sixteen year old granddaughter is going to her school Prom any day now. This American idea is sweeping the country, and as far as I can gather costs almost as much as a wedding. She bought her dress at huge expense, and now my daughter-in-law says she has to buy an after the event dress too, plus the shoes, and ‘a hair consultation’. It does sound very exciting, an almost ‘debutante’ event for young people. We never had such things in my day. The nearest I got to it was a set of Carmen rollers my nursing flatmates gave me when I was twenty one [God love them] They hid them on top of the cistern in our flat in Herne Hill. However we mustn’t let our more restrained festivities detract from what happens now. It must be a huge strain on the parent’s purse strings, and sadly out of the reach of some, but it’s here to stay, adding yet another notch on the bedpost of parenthood. How thrilling though to step into a stretch limo [a corsage is probably obligatory too] How confidence-inspiring, what a memory to leave behind. My son was pretending to bleat about it’s cost, while loving every minute of it. He wants his little girl to experience some magic, and what’s wrong with that! It reminded me of ‘Anne Of Green Gables’, when Anne longs for a dress with puffed sleeves, and Matthew goes out and buys one [men and their girls eh!]

AVAILABLE AT IDEN: Last Saturday morning, in Iden village hall, villagers were treated to a feast of Iden’s clubs and local events, which were show cased during the Iden Parish Assembly. The event was very well attended. There were free refreshments, and the hall was a hum of pleasantries, as friends grouped and perused the activities. Well done to our Parish Clerk, Mary Philo who arranged the event, not only as instructive, but as a thank you to all the people who turn up regularly to become part of what is available to make Iden so special.

IDEN STORES ASSOCIATION: On Thursday 14th June Iden Stores are holding their , A.G.M, at 6pm, in Iden village hall. All customers, suppliers and staff of this local institution are very welcome to attend.

A SERVICE OF HOLY COMMUNION: There will be a Service Of Holy Communion, in Iden Parish Church, on Sunday, at 9.30am.

BINGO AT THE BOWLS: On the 15th June, there is a Bingo evening at Iden Bowls Club, at 6,30pm [eyes down at 7pm.] Refreshments are free, and there is a raffle. Everyone is welcome from the Iden area. Something nice to do on a warm Spring evening!

CREAM TEAS TOMORROW IN IDEN VILLAGE HALL: Tomorrow [ 9th June], there will be cream teas in Iden village hall, from, 2.30pm-5.30pm. This event has proved to be very popular, so everyone is welcome for wonderful cakes and scones. There is nothing quite as sumptuous as a cream tea!

ON MY OWN TERMS IF YOU DON’T MIND!: Most mornings my cat nudges me awake with a paw She wants her morning stroke. Her body language asks for specifics “Under the chin please, no, not the paws or the hind quarters, you know full well where my sensitivities lie”. My daughter says her cat sits by her and waits every morning for the dreg ends of milk from her Shredded Wheat. Cats are very clever aren’t they? Very aware of sequence, but they are incredibly independent. Tie them down at your peril. Even motherhood is transient as far as they are concerned. Oh they are wonderfully attentive until their offspring discover the joys of a plate of Whiskas. Six months later if they meet their progeny in a dark alley they may well say “don’t come to me asking for handouts. That ship has sailed. You are old enough and ugly enough to fend for yourself. [ I’m not exaggerating] that’s how they are. Don’t expect them to be having the grandchildren two mornings a week. Cats encourage intimacy only when it suits them. Wouldn’t it be nice to be so aloof? No, not really, with us humans it’s once a mum, always a mum!

CONTACT ME: If anyone has anything to add to the village voice, please contact Gill Griffin [telephone 01797 280311]