WHERE DO ALL THE FLOWERS GO?: Yesterday I noticed that most of the Cow Parsley had disappeared without a trace. A week ago the verges looked like cloud of Belgium lace. There is something magical about the way flowers just decide to up and leave us. Some are not sure. Roses come back as though they’ve left their purse at the bus stop, then they stay for a second flowering. We don’t have time to mourn the passing of each variety. There are always new specimens to delight. It’s a bit like running a guest house, one lot go, but the landlady doesn’t cry whilst making up beds for new people. There is just a quiet acceptance. Nature is all about quiet acceptance. At the moment I’m cheering on the hydrangeas. I love hydrangeas don’t you? I love the way their flowers grow out as though they are coming to greet us. The big one in the garden opposite the Old Hall is always a picture. Summer is at it’s height, but after the longest day there is a feeling that autumn is already trying to push up in the queue. There are little nuances that hint of it’s impatience. Listen up Autumn, just Keep your hair on, haven’t I just said Nature is all about quiet acceptance!

A BIT OF A BUZZ: Last night sitting up in bed I nearly drank a fly which landed in my tea. I was a bit disappointed, too lazy to get another cup of tea, and none too pleased with the fly either. Flies visit us in regularly every summer like an unwanted guest. We accept their shiny, blue/black, almost military-looking attire as part of summer, but they do rather take over if we leave the windows open. I don’t like them near food, but their little ‘buzz’ offers up the lazy sound of summer, and yet if we listen, the buzz is more like a conversation the fly is having with itself, maybe about Brexit, or the World Cup, or how many fly-swatters it’s seen behind the piano . Whatever, it does, it seems to be having a moan. No matter how much we get out the hoover or the spray polish, there is always a dead one on the window sill, or on the stairs [what on earth are they doing climbing the stairs?] They cross their little legs in front as though they are performing the military two-step, or just desperate for the ‘ladies’. Come September they disappear. Maybe they don’t like the cold, or maybe they don’t like Christmas, but they flit around us all summer vying for attention. Whether we like them or not, they certainly appreciate us humans, hovering around the places we frequent, which when you think about it, is really quite endearing!

URGENTLY NEEDED FOR IDEN FETE’S BARGAINS GALORE: Bargains Galore is a very popular part of Iden fete. All kinds of goods are required for it’s stalls, CHINA, BOOKS, RUGS, CLOTHES, CURTAINS, SMALL FURNITURE, BEDDING, PUZZLES, TOYS AND GAMES. No electrical goods. Please ring 01797-280-464 to find out where to leave goods. Many thanks.

LET’S TALK ABOUT THE FETE: Iden Fete opens at 12 noon on Saturday, 28th July. Volunteers are needed to help in many ways, Raffle prizes are needed, people to help with teas, people to run stalls, people to set up and take down, and cakes wanted for the cake stall. This week donations and raffle prizes will be collected from door to door. Iden is proud of it’s fete, and money raised helps to keep parts of our village solvent, so please donate and support the fete on the day. For Any enquiries, please ring Vicky, on 01797280379.

FOUR PEOPLE: There are four people who keep our village open for business, Chris and Sally in the shop, and Vicky and AJ in the pub. Of course all their helpers, and all those who run our various clubs are invaluable, but those four are the mainstays, who turn up come hell or high water. We expect a lot of them, and I’m sure they get the occasional flack, but these are people who rise early and go to bed late on our behalf., so thank you to the guys, who keep the Iden flag flying with your willingness and your bright hanging baskets--- TA EVERSO!

A SERVICE OF HOLY COMMUNION: This Sunday there is a service of holy communion in Iden Parish Church, at 9.30am

THE QUIZ AT THE BELL: Our lot have only won once, but who cares, the quiz at ‘The Bell’ on the third Wednesday of every month is a great get-together, a chance to sort the men out from he boys in the brains department. It starts at 7.30pm, teams of six, and fun all the way. Everyone is welcome. The next one is the 18th July

CONTACT ME: If anyone has anything to add t the Village Voice, please contact Gill Griffin [ telephone 01797 280311]