IDEN PARISH COUNCIL MEETING: The meeting on Tuesday 3rd July in Iden Village Hall, was chaired by Ray Griffin, who began by expressing sadness at the death of two well-known Iden Parishioners Beryl Broad, and Alice Coleman who died recently. Sympathies go to their families. Police Sergeant Dave Townsend spoke about how much community policing has changed in the last 10 years. Police now respond to a ‘where immediately needed policy’, as crime may veer into drug related or terrorism-related, scams or sexually related crimes such as people trafficking, as well as crimes of burglary or violence. Some amongst the audience had first-hand knowledge of scams, or near misses because fortunately we have been fore-warned of various scams. Sergeant Townsend brought with him a comprehensive booklet on all types of scam. Booklets are available in the village hall, Iden Stores or Jempsons. He suggested that reading the booklet would be beneficial, because scams are rife and varied. It was heartening to know that there are generally less burglaries, and that scenes of burglary are attended by police. Neighbourhood Watch details are available on the website.

Councillor Paul Osbourne from Rother District Council spoke about the recent devastating house- fires in Playden. It was suggested that we should never leave bonfires, particularly in dry summer months, and that excessive hoarding of fuels and flammable materials should be avoided, as many of our homes are timber-framed. Councillor Sally Anne Hart from Rother District Council, also spoke about the plague of scams, and suggested we check on line, because meetings regarding scam prevention in the area are periodically advertised. Sally Anne discussed council tax banding, and the recent simplification of the ‘Housing Benefit Scheme’. The play area in the park is still under review, and as usual cost is an issue. The swings need an overhaul, and new equipment chosen. Play area equipment is extremely expensive, but hopefully it’s purchase will soon be resolved. There is no August meeting. The next Parish Council Meeting is on September 4th in Iden Village Hall, at 7.30pm.

IDEN FETE ON JULY 28TH!: Iden fete is renowned for it’s largesse, it’s fun, and it’s crowds. There will be children’s rides, a dog shoe, Bargains Galore, a raffle, coconut shy, a burger stall, WI cake stall, Cream teas in the pavilion, a hog roast. Music, dancing, a band. It’s going to be great. The fete starts at 12 midday.

IDEN FETE’S BOOT FAIR: This begins as people arrive during the morning, and is a massive spectacle, with all that a glorious boot fair has to offer!

IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO VOLUNTEER: Volunteers are still needed for the myriad of jobs at the fete. Please ring Vicky, [telephone 01797 280397] if you wish to help.

CAKES NEEDED FOR THE WI CAKE STALL: Cakes, scones, pastries and preserves are needed for the WI cake stall. Just locate the stall and leave them by about 11am. Many thanks!

DON’T FORGET!: Raffle prizes and goods for ‘Bargain’s Galore’ [a very popular part of the fete] are urgently required. Please ring Carol Bourne [ telephone 01797 280464] if you have any books, bric-a-brac, clothing, small furniture, bedding, toys, games [no electrical goods], and Carol will tell you where to leave goods.

A SERVICE OF HOLY COMMUNION: There is a service of Holy Communion this Sunday, in Iden Parish Church, at 9.30am.

CULINARY CLICHES: I’m writing this still sticky with breakfast jam [it’s all down my jumper]. Isn’t jam a handy staple? I always buy my daughter about twelve jars in a Christmas sack, as an extra Christmas present, with the old-fashioned [mumsy] idea that if she’s spent out, the family can survive on bread and jam for the month after Christmas.[She does get carried away at Christmas time]. Bread and jam, is a bit of a cliché isn’t it, like bread and dripping, which was a lovely Sunday night stop-gap with a dusting of salt and a cup of tea? The dark brown meat juices at the bottom of the jar were pure heaven, but good dripping seems to have disappeared. My dripping jar now holds flowers. If I owned a restaurant, I’d put bread and dripping back on the menu. It would go down a storm served on a square of newspaper. Mind you the dripping would have to be first class and eminently gelatinous!

MORRIS DANCERS: Last Saturday afternoon, Morris dancers turned up at Iden’s Bell pub, and danced outside in the sunshine. They are always a spectacle, aren’t they? A mixture of old- world innocence and eccentricity. Isn’t England great at being daft? I hope we never lose their colourful, pagan performances, the bells on their trousers or their flower-garden hats.

LET JOHNNY HAVE A TURN: Wouldn’t it be so much better if politicians would play nicely together, and do the same things we advise children to do? No cheating, no lying, no hair pulling, and definitely no biting. How about they learn to share their pennies, and all sit in a circle for ‘show and tell’ sessions where they would learn to iron out their problems in a ‘be kind to Molly ‘sort of way. I am ever hopeful that meetings between politicians will be more on the lines of a polite nursey tea. How nice it would be if the Chinese President would turn up at number ten Downing Street with a bag of rice and say, “take this we have a glut of it, and we would send him home with a bushel basket of Cox’s Orange Pippins. All world leaders have been taught well. All went to good schools. None of them were dragged up, and few had to fight over the last crust of bread. Most, I’m sure had a grounding of civility. If just one country disappeared into a cloud of dust, it’s entire space destroyed, the whole world would be bereft. We’d be marching around tearing our hair out saying “Where’s India for God’s sake, Where’s America, Where’s Britain? The universe would have a chink in it which would render the whole world flawed forever mourning it’s loss, so come on guys, make a space, there’s plenty of room in the sandpit!

CONTACT ME: If anyone has anything to add to the Village Voice, please ring Gill Griffin [telephone 01797 280311]