JUST FANCIED A SWIM!: Iden is a very small part of England, but it epitomises England’s beauty. The dry stubby fields are the colour of custard. It’s scarecrow weather, crows on wheat stubble weather, all playing out under an azure sky. This summer has been an absolute treat hasn’t it? Every day, I watch the evenings draw in, and I can’t bear the thought of leaving this particular summer behind. It would be nice to be able to set a programme on the weather like we do on a washing machine. I’d give the flowers and foliage a full day on a rinse cycle because the poor parched things deserve it, then I’d switch swiftly back to our glorious summer onto a hot wash. We’ve had a whole summer of bees buzzing around the lavender and butterflies fluttering around the buddleia. Last night while sitting up in bed a moth landed in my tea. I made an initial fuss. My husband said he would get more peace on the M25. I guess the moth just fancied a cup of tea. Fluttering towards the light can make a ‘fella‘ very thirsty. He swam around in my tea as happy as a sand boy. There wasn’t much on tele and in spite of his audacity I found him quite entertaining!

NO CHURCH SERVICE AT IDEN THIS SUNDAY: There is a joint service of Holy Communion with Playden this Sunday at Playden church, at 11am.

QUIZ AT ‘THE BELL’: On Wednesday 15th August, the Bell are having their quiz. It starts at 7pm for 7.30 and is always good fun. Everyone is welcome.

BINGO AT THE BOWLS: Tonight, at 6.30pm for 7pm, there is ‘Bingo’ at Iden Bowls Club. Everyone is welcome. There are refreshments and a raffle. A pleasant way to spend a warm evening.

IDEN FETE: Once I know oficially how much Iden Fete made financially, I’ll let you know, but I do know that they did extremely well, and Vicky, Tom and the fete committee are to be congratulated. It was a splendid day.

THE RYE AND DISTRICT COUNTRY SHOW: This annual event is on Saturday 18th August, from 10am-4pm. It’s at Elm Tree Farm Icklesham, TN36 4BH [on the A259]. This is a great day out for the whole family. There is a horse show, dog show, country fair, classic cars, a Country Living tent, a fantastic selection of food and drink, a variety of craft and local produce stalls and games for the children. The Tigers Army Parachute Display Team will do a live sky dive. Entry is £5 –adults, and children under 16 get in free.

DON’T WIND ME UP!: It’s strange the way we take on board the things which interest us yet give short shrift to things which don’t. For instance, I love clocks. What else other than a clock, and the moon of course have such homely round faces and yet are so exacting. Have you ever known the moon forget to come out? Likewise, If wound up and provided with an appropriate battery clocks tell us the time to the second. You can’t get much more reliable and pedantic than that. A clock’s constant tick-tock can be very companionable. Even when we are alone we have a mate on the mantelpiece giving a measured kind of spiel. However, I’m not a bit interested in winding clocks, replacing their batteries or putting them back or forward as the case may be. I like their beauty and their ambiance, but I know nothing about their ‘innards’. I leave that entirely to my husband. “this clock has stopped” I say accusingly [the poor chap gets blamed for everything which suddenly comes to a halt], but one day I may have to learn to be the carer of our clocks. Then I’d be stuck. My favourite author Anne Tyler wrote a book called ‘The Clock Winder’, about such a dilemma. I may get my husband to teach me about our clocks one by one [he’ll be tearing his hair out], but there is nothing more sad and obsolete than a stopped-clock, and nothing more friendly and alive than one that’s fully wound!

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