SHOULD PIGLET BE ON PROZAC?: This week I went to see Christopher Robin at the Kino in Rye. It was sweet and endearing, the way A.A. Milne intended. Before I went, one of my grandchildren filled me in on the fact that all the characters have a particular mental disorder. Apparently Pooh has a few, including impulsivity, obsessive fixations and an eating disorder. Owl has a grandiose narcissistic personality. Tigger bounces between impulsivity and hyperactivity. Rabbit has OCD and Kanga has social anxiety disorder. Piglet has generalized anxiety disorder, and poor old Eeyore has Dysthymia, a state of sadness and depression, so much so that he almost enjoys feeling down all the time. This mixture of challenging disorders is probably why the book is so well-loved and memorable. Children recognise these traits and love the characters all the more for them. Many children have a fundamental desire to be protective and kind to those who struggle to fit into society. Some of course are cruel, but not usually the one’s who are read to and brought up to respect differences. Thank God we aren’t all tarred with the same brush and thank God A.A. Milne recognised that there is a wealth of character in unconventionality.

QUIZ NIGHT AT THE BELL: There is quiz night at The Bell Inn, on Wednesday 19th September, starting at 7pm for 7.30pm. It’s always a fun evening, and all are welcome.

BINGO AT THE BOWLS: There is a Bingo night at Iden Bowls Club on Friday 21st September at 6.30pm for 7pm. All are welcome to enjoy the Bingo, a raffle and light refreshments.

ONE FOR THE DIARY: Iden And District Natural History Society will start their programme of winter lectures in Iden village hall on Friday 12th October, at 7.30pm the first one is ‘Autumn In Turkey, by Brian Gallop.

AFTERNOON TEA IN AID OF BREAST CANCER: On Sunday, 23rdSeptember, from 2pm-5pm, there will be tea, coffee, cake, a tombola and a raffle held in Iden Bowls Club. Everyone from the Rye area is welcome.

A SERVICE OF HOLY COMMUNION: There is a service of Holy Communion this Sunday in Iden Parish Church, at 9.30am

AUTUMN APPROACHES: It’s nice to see hay in the fields around Iden stacked up in squares like little suitcases. I do like a haystack no matter how it’s presented. The hawthorn berries are a sure sign that autumn approaches, so we just have to grit our teeth, put on a jumper and make sure our log pile is up and running. I like to see corn on the cob laid out in the greengrocers, a nice thing to have for tea with oodles of butter, an autumnal meal if ever there was one. The tomatoes are beautiful right now aren’t they, and the marrows humungous. I miss having fresh produce in church for Harvest Festival. Tinned foods have none of the character or ambiance of marrows and harvest bread shaped like ears of corn. It’s all due to ease of handling and hygiene, a sad reflection on people who wash fruit as a matter of course. I feel my mum turning in her grave if I don’t wash a tomato. It was a sin, like not washing behind my ears. We went to Dymchurch last week for a firework display on the beach at dusk. It was very festive, marking the end of the children going back to school, and there was something lovely about fireworks against a background of the sea, and children building sandcastles in the dark. The whole town was in celebratory mood. If we read leaflets and notices, there are all kinds of things going on in our little neck of the woods. Pockets of fun in fields and by the sea no matter what the season. Its good here isn’t it?

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