Iden news
Iden news

MAN FLU: Man- flu has arrived in our house, and for a man who won’t reach for two Paracetamol without being administered to, it’s a time for patience and firmness.” I don’t have a cold”, my husband says, [I know he has because it’s like sleeping next to a traction engine.] I go up to bed armed with Paracetamol, hot water, cough linctus, a medicine spoon, vapour rub, tissues, extra pillows and menthol and eucalyptus. “I don’t need all that”, he says, wheezing away. “Just sit up and open your mouth “I say, “I’m not having nonsense” [I’m a proper Hattie Jacques] He refuses the vapour rub, so I spread a dessertspoon of it on an old pillow case and waft it under his nose when he’s asleep. [it would be easier dealing with open-heart surgery.] Once we little girls learn to burp our dolls, we become hooked on providing any man wearing pyjamas with Lemsip, chicken broth, bed socks and vitamin ‘C’. We learn to appreciate that man flu is the very worst kind, a whole different ball game from female flu because in general men who are willing to fight wars have bigger noses and less tolerance to the sniffles [I have to say the flu is nasty, and for anyone who has it, Get well soon!

A DIFFERENT KIND OF FETE: This year Iden Fete is expected to be a smaller affair, mainly comprising a boot fair. This is due to the fact that the number of helpers has dwindled in the past few years for various reasons, and we no longer have the required number to assemble and take down the fete, as well as the myriad of practicalities a fete requires. Help has been requested, but has not been forthcoming, and the few committee members left cannot shoulder the responsibility of a larger fete. The change in content heralds an opportunity to thank all those dutiful people who have given up thought, time and brawn, to make our previous fetes so memorable. Many of the same helpers have provided the Fete over the years with selfless hard graft. The Fete will as usual be held on the last Saturday of July in Iden’s park, by the church. I will give further details as they transpire, but there will be an ‘ Iden Fete A.G.M.’on Monday 25TH February, in ‘the Bell’ for all those who wish to hear about the fete’s new structure .The A.G.M. begins at 7.30pm and is open to all.

BOWLS CLUB BINGO TONIGHT: Tonight, at the Iden Bowls clubhouse, there is a fun Bingo evening, which happens monthly during Spring and Summer months. Doors open at 6.30pm, eyes down at 7pm. There will be refreshments and a raffle, and all are welcome.

THE PARISH COUNCIL A.G.M: If anyone has an issue that they would like added to the agenda at the Iden Parish Council A.G.M, please contact our Parish Clerk Mary Philo [telephone 01797 270790, or email [] This most important meeting is on Tuesday 5th March at 8pm, in Iden Village Hall, following the general Parish council meeting which will be at 7.30 pm. The council welcomes input from villagers. There may be personal and general matters which parishioners may be keen to discuss, and the meeting is a chance to be updated on council plans. Keith Glazier, chairman of East Sussex council, and Rother District Councillors will be there to answer questions. Everyone is welcome.

TONIGHT, IN IDEN VILLAGE HALL: There is a meeting of the Iden and District Natural History Society tonight in Iden Village Hall, at 7.30pm. The lecture tonight is ‘Rare Bumblebees of the Rye Area’, by Morgan and Peter Greenhalf. Visitors pay £3 for lectures of very high quality.


There is a play session every Wednesday morning for pre-school children and their parents and carers, in the ‘Old Hall by the church. All are welcome for playtime and toys.

A SERVICE OF HOLY COMMUNION: There is a Service of Holy Communion in Iden Parish Church, on Sunday, at 9.30am.

SPAGHETTI HOOPS FOR BREXIT: This week I bought several tins of spaghetti hoops to stave off starvation, should Brexit leave us depleted.” I don’t even like spaghetti hoops”, said my husband. “ You may be glad of a dry crust”, I said. I wonder if Teresa May has a few tins put by, or the wherewithal to make a fruit jelly?

CORRESPONDANCE: I still write long letters, which to some seems a bit archaic. An email is okay, but somehow it seems rushed and stilted, like leaving a short sharp message to say, ‘the key is under the mat’. Emails undoubtedly fit in with today’s busy schedules, but a letter seems more personal to me, telling the person you are writing to that you have all the time in the world right now to correspond with just them. We may ask about the cat, the dining room ceiling, the visit to Bridlington, the budgie or the mother-in -law’s hernia, all the little tit bits that would seem out of place in a swift email. Emotions come out of the woodwork as we picture the person we are writing to. In saying all this, I have to confess to not being the best correspondent, my letters are all too infrequent, but people constantly walk across my mind. They don’t realise that though, so putting pen to paper is evidence of concern. A letter is a huge responsibility no matter what it says. It may carry good news, bad news, secrecy or wide open phrases sharing joy, love or wise-cracking nonsense, and how we word our letter is all- important. We don’t want our ‘Dear John’s’ to have the recipient heading to the nearest canal. Anyway, here is a brief letter to all Iden dwellers

Dear all: Spring is only a hare’s breath away, and just think about the snowdrops and daffodils we have to look forward to. Life is pretty great in our little neck of the woods isn’t it? We have our shop, our pub, our church and our park. We have friendly neighbouring villages with the prettiest of names, quaint, arty Rye with its reams of history, Tenterden with its wide street full of life and possibilities, and the sea is not far away if we fancy a stroll on sand or pebbles.

Be happy,

Love Gill

CONTACT ME: If anyone has anything to add to the Village Voice, please ring Gill Griffin [telephone 01797 280311]