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Iden news

BIO-DEGRADABLE: Strange things occur to me sometimes, when I’m writing the Village Voice. For instance, I’m looking out of the window at a magnolia tree in full bloom, white like a bride. Magnolia blossom doesn’t last long enough does it, and before long there are all those blossoms to sweep up, and I’m thinking, what happens to all the bio-degradable plant stuffs that join the earth beneath a tree. By rights, the earth’s mounds should get higher every year [in fact, considering the centuries which have passed, our heads should be touching the sky, raised up by dead leaves and squashed magnolia blossoms] but they aren’t. Gosh, I wish I’d listened in biology, instead of thinking about which Rimmel lipstick I was going to buy for the weekend. Sometimes, when I’m at a supermarket checkout, I ask a student working at weekends what A-levels they are taking, and what they are hoping to do as a job, and I feel like saying, “ don’t waste a minute, you are so lucky that right now the world is your oyster, make sure all your dreams come true,” [they probably think silly old baggage], but if I’d listened more intently at school, I might have been dining at the Ritz today, instead of planning a lunch of toast and cheese a pickled onion!

CANINE PARTNERS AT THE WI!: The next meeting of Iden WI, on Tuesday 9th April, [in Iden Village Hall 7.30pm], should be particularly interesting, as Canine Partners are bringing an ‘Assistance Dog’. There are so many dog-lovers in Iden, and visitors are more than welcome to spend the evening meeting the dog, ‘Carrie’ to see how she goes to work. There will be tea, coffee and a raffle. Visitors pay £4. For further information, please email Liz Pamboris,

FUN TIME FOR THE LITTLE ONES: There is a chance for pre-school children and their parents or carers to get together for toys and fun every Wednesday morning in ‘ Old Hall’, by the church, from 10.30am-12 noon. Everyone is welcome.

THE IDEN PUB QUIZ: On every third Wednesday, at 7.30pm, there is a quiz at ‘The Bell Pub, in order to nudge our brain cells into some action! Everyone is welcome for a fun evening.

FAMILY SERVICE AT IDEN’S ALL SAINTS CHURCH: There is a family service of Holy Communion this Sunday in Iden Parish Church, at 9.30am. Teas and coffees will be served in the Old Hall after the service.

LINE OF DUTY: My family are all crazy about TV’S ‘Line of Duty, as many of you probably are. I like it too, but I’m a little confused about who are the good guys and who are the bent cops. I watch most detective stuff without a clue what’s occurring. I prefer the bits between the murders where they have a cuddle and a cup of tea. I can remember as a child, losing my satchel at primary school, and going to the police station. A lovely copper, like an old grandad sat me on a stool and said “Now this is very serious indeed, “I remember he made me think that my lost satchel was the crime of the century. There were no bent cops, they were all like ‘Dixon of Dock Green. Wasn’t life lovely back then?

AND THE OSCAR GOES TO?: Each year there is one flower or shrub that seems to stand out as being particularly glorious. It’s almost as though one year a species decide to preen themselves for a beauty contest. Their colour seems particularly vibrant, their flowers are perfect, and instead of staggering their development, they all come out in their unified best. This year my stand- out favourite is the forsythia. Oh, the daffodils have been unsurpassable as usual. The aubrieta is clinging to rocks and cracked cement like a purple haze. The celandines are sun-bathing, spread out in the sun in such shiny- splendour, we wonder who has crept amongst them with the spray polish .However, the Forsythia, like Olivia Coleman gets my Oscar vote. Everywhere we look there is a bush of it, looking as though it’s been dipped in saffron. You may have other ideas , but whatever is your star of the show, pick a bit, bring it inside, have a cup of tea and admire it, because these floral lovies do love an accolade!

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