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Iden news

THE IDEN PARISH COUNCIL MEETING: Chairman Ray Griffin opened the meeting, and asked the chairman of East Sussex Council, Keith Glazier to speak. Keith was asked why the roads in East Sussex are seemingly in a worse condition than many other counties. Keith explained that East Sussex would need at least 400 million pounds to deal with the state of our roads, which is not financially feasible. We have inherited our historically poor roads, potholes and poor surfacing having been an on-going problem for so long that the council in present day is not able to compensate for their destruction. We can only afford to repair as and when. However, the council appreciates local people reporting potholes, and will always endeavour to repair them as promptly as funds allow. Houghton Green’s potholes are on Keith’s list for repair. Rother District Councillor Sally Anne Hart said that Rother have given £330,000 for ground improvements to Western Carpark in Camber. Sally Anne hopes to help instigate a grass-roots Crime prevention campaign in Rother, which will include input from G p’s, schools etc., to try and improve crime statistics, which are particularly high in the Hastings area. Fly Posting [roadside advertising] was highlighted by a member of the audience, and Sally Anne said that road side adverts require specific sanction from Rother. unofficial fly posting can be reported to Rother on line. Sometimes posters are even being attached to road signs and can look messy and out of place. Local community posters can be put up on a very temporary basis and removed promptly, but even those should be sanctioned. Rother District Councillor Paul Osbourne said that a new Rubbish collection starts in June, under new management. All households had notification of dates at Christmas time. Mary Philo, our parish Clerk is to organize a litter-pick at New Bridge shortly, as the area soon becomes untidy.

The next Parish Council Meeting is not on a Tuesday, but instead it’s on Monday 13th May, at 7.30pm, in Iden Village Hall.

NB; There will be no Parish Council election, as existing councillors were re-elected un-opposed.

COUCH POTATO: They always say that if wishes were horses , then devils would ride, well, I wish I’d been a little more athletic in my life. As for swimming, I’m ashamed to say, I get panicky in a deep bath. Apart from lifting a five- pound bag of King Edwards in Tesco, I’ve never been the slightest bit athletic, though I do admire those that are. I’ve never understood how people are brave enough to sweat and grunt and roll around in mud for the sake of a bit of orange at half time. However, lately I’ve been to watch a lot of sport. One of my granddaughters does archery and plays netball, another of my granddaughters is in Spain right now with a Pole- vaulting team and also plays rugby. One grandson plays hockey for Surrey , and plays squash, so I go and watch and cheer without having the faintest idea what’s occurring, but lately I’m intrigued by the camaraderie, the sportsmanship, the way they shake hands afterwards, and cheer each other on. I’m beginning to be aware of just how important sport is, and how it adds to character, and if nothing else, is a great dinner-party topic for years to come when our limbs seize up. It’s too late now, but I wish I’d been sporty, instead of the one who holds the coats. I guess we are all wired differently, but still, that’s no excuse for being a lazy, boring couch potato!

A LUNCH FOR INDOOR BOWLS: This week, Beckley Indoor Bowls club had a lovely meal at the Brick Wall Hotel in Seddlescombe. Many Iden members attended. The annual luncheon included a prize giving and a raffle and was attended by a large group of happy diners. The meal was beautifully, arranged by the committee. Whether outdoor, or indoor, bowls seems to be a very popular sport in our area, with many enjoyable events.

JOIN UP FOR IDEN BOWLS!: Iden Bowls Club welcomes new members and is a very friendly club. Activities include matches, roll-ups, and many activities summer and winter. Anyone wishing to join need not have bowled before. Please ring Club secretary Vickie Britton [telephone 01797 280568] for enquiries.

BOWLS CLUB BINGO: The next Iden Bowls Club Bingo is on 26th April, at 6.30pm for 7pm, in the bowls club opposite the Bell Pub. Everyone is welcome for a good time, refreshments and a raffle.

IDEN WI: Iden WI meet on the second Tuesday of the month, at 7.30pm. All are welcome. There is a different speaker each month, a raffle and refreshments. New members are most welcome to come along to Iden Village Hall on any second Tuesday.

A SERVICE OF HOLY COMMUNION: There is a Service of Holy Communion on Sunday at Iden parish Church, at 9.30am, celebrating Palm Sunday.

NOCTURNAL: When I get into bed at night, I always want to have an in-depth conversation. Something will occur to me which has nothing to do with the price of eggs. It’s the quietness that does it. My husband just wants to sleep, so he says “ Yes good night Gill “, in a very firm voice which leaves me in limbo. I did a lot of night duty when I was nursing, and it messes up the body clock. We’d be adding up fluid charts, creeping around checking on patients with a torch, and eating a roast dinner and rhubarb and custard in the middle of the night. I spent a lot of time in the sluice, and instead of music we’d be out there listening to the bedpan washer. If you think about it there are many jobs which require people to be awake all night. It’s a strange feeling, an almost powerful feeling to be awake when everyone else is asleep. It’s a bit like being a barn owl!

LEAVING WELL ALONE: Since we haven’t been allowed to pick primroses, and people don’t go out with a basket collecting them on a Sunday afternoon, the primroses are once more becoming very prolific, aren’t they? Banks of them everywhere .They obviously like being left to their own devices . I love em to bits!

CONTACT ME: If anyone has anything to add to the Village Voice, please ring Gill Griffin [telephone 01797 280311]