MOUNTFIELD COURT OPEN GARDENS: A reminder that the gardens at Mountfield Court will be open next weekend on Sunday 6th May from 2.00 to 5.00. For any who haven’t visited before, it is three acres of woodland garden with an important collection of rhododendrons, azaleas, other shrubs, a paved herb garden and fine trees including the Handkerchief tree. Admission is £5.00 per adult. Free parking and home-made teas. All proceeds to All Saints Church, Mountfield.

MOUNTFIELD RESIDENTS GROUP REPORT: We hand-delivered our first Newsletter last weekend to all the households designated within the sewerage and treatment scheme. This has resulted in lots of constructive conversations, offers of help, messages of support, quite a lot of steam being let off — particularly about what just about everyone saw as the threatening letter from one of the Environmental Health team.

The intention is that Newsletter 2 will be going out hard on the heels of publication of this column. This should comprise a newsletter (including an update on what is and isn’t happening in 1-18 Eatenden Lane) for all the designated properties, plus the all important Survey form. This, finally, is exactly what residents asked for just over a year ago. It has been professionally designed to give us accurate information to fight for our rights. The Survey forms will be entirely anonymous and completely confidential. (Note: the Survey form will not be delivered to 1-18 Eatenden Lane.)

There is a real momentum here. Whether people want to join or not, we are going to get that treatment plant but we are going to have fight all the way. And the next date for the diary is…

DROP IN DAY: Between the delivery and collection of the Survey questionnaire, there will be a drop-in surgery on Friday 4th May, 2.00 — 7.00 pm, Mountfield Village Hall. This will not be an event where you drop in and get the party line, or get lectured, or get greeted with rudeness. No-one will tell you that you must or must not connect to the new sewer. You will be greeted by neighbours, many of them whom live right opposite the bomb site on Solomon’s Lane. The idea is to offer advice on Building Control costs (with a specially negotiated price), information about MRG’s research into possible options for raising money to take advantage of short-term offers from SW, updates on what the MRG Committee members are doing and planning. And maybe a rant or some TLC, depending on your mood. You can contact the Residents Group on

HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY REPORT: We held our first Fun Spring Show on Saturday. It was a success with many entries. Best in Show for Spring Flowers and also Floral Arrangement was awarded to Sue Kennedy. The Best in Show Domestic category was awarded to Jackie Whines with her fabulous ginger cake. What was disappointing was that more villagers didn’t support the event.

Looking ahead… Our annual Summer Show is on Saturday, 28 July from 2.30pm at the village. Schedules with an entry form are available at the village hall on the notice board, and also from Celia or Rachael. And a plant sale and coffee morning is scheduled for Sunday, 27 May from 10.30 am at 4, Eatenden Lane. Please feel free to join us. Pick yourself up a bargain plant!

PETER’S WALK REPORT: The first walk of the new season overran outrageously. The other way of looking at it is that it must have expanded in the heat. Apart from overrunning — revised planning will solve that on the remaining walks — it was a day of wonderful sunshine, glorious bluebells, fascinating discoveries and delightful company. The walks are now sold out apart from just four places left for the final date of Sunday May 6th.

BUMBLEBEES: Most of us have heard the “fact” that bumblebees defy the laws of aeronautics and should not be able to fly. This turns out to be what is known scientifically as tosh. Which is actually what we all knew all along. Have you noticed the extraordinary number of bumblebees this year? And such good company when you are both working on a shrub together.

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