MOUNTFIELD COURT OPEN GARDENS: A final reminder about this Sunday’s (6th May) open gardens at Mountfield Court from 2.00 to 5.00. For any who haven’t visited before, it is three acres of woodland garden with an important collection of rhododendrons, azaleas, other shrubs, a paved herb garden and fine trees including the Handkerchief tree. Admission is £5.00 per adult. Free parking and home-made teas. It’s always a matter of crossed fingers as to what is in flower but you are always guaranteed some of the best views in the parish. All proceeds to All Saints Church, Mountfield.

RESIDENTS GROUP: The second Newsletter from the Mountfield Residents Group went to all designated households on the SW sewerage and treatment scheme together with an information sheet and the all important Survey form. It is vital that everyone within the scheme fills it in, whatever their intentions might be, and either has it collected, brings it to the drop in session (see below) or posts it through the letterbox of Jasmine Cottage at the crest of Hoath Hill (thank you, Vivian and Derrik). The results of the survey are what will determine how Mountfield fights for its rights in this whole debacle.

MRG DROP-IN : There is a drop-in session in the Village Hall today (May 4th) from 2.00 to 7.00 pm for anyone who has any questions, or would like to discuss what connection involves, or the pros and cons and joining, or just wants to make some point that might be helpful. There won’t be anybody there saying you must connect or shouting threats. Peter will be there throughout with other committee members dropping in from time to time. It could also be an opportunity to find out what else MRG has already achieved and is doing and planning for the future.

A VILLAGE-WIDE SCHEME: The problems of the scheme affect some residents more obviously than others but they do affect everyone in the village, whether they are eligible for connection or not, and however far flung. As the scheme has overrun beyond the scheduled nine months (work started June 2016!), the disruption has extended accordingly affecting everyone in the village in every direction, and affecting businesses and all aspects of daily life from school buses to Village Hall events. And of course, it’s not easy to sell your house if it overlooks a bomb site. Also, as we know from our own experience when we were buying Rock Cottage, everyone in the village and the postcode runs the risk of being blighted by the same tarbrush. We were advised by our solicitors that we would have a high risk of subsidence here. After much harrying, the reason turned out to be the Gypsum mining operations regardless of the fact that the nearest deposits were over a mile away as the estate agent’s crow flies — the address had the word Mountfield in it.

If you are not one of the properties within the Environment Agency boundary for the scheme but would like to receive the Mountfield Residents Group newsletters, please let Peter know (contacts below).

THROUGH TREES & TIME: Peter writes: “These walks are now sold out. Three down and one to go before I retire this walk — and me. The first walk was great but, for various reasons including recent discoveries, overran badly. But everyone was very patient and enjoyed themselves. The second was another great bunch and I managed the time issue better. Last Sunday’s had its challenges — mainly where people hadn’t read what it said on the tin, particularly about dressing appropriately. This isn’t the first time in history that April has had some chilly days.

One particular pleasure was that, once again we had the pleasure of the company of Clare Miles, formerly of this parish — and of Rock Cottage and Butters Cottage. We bought Rock Cottage from her mum and Butters Cottage from Clare. For all who knew Clare when she was in the village — Clare the Hair to many of you — or indeed grew up with her, it’s lovely to report that she is happy and doing well. And both she and Ted have new jobs which they are enjoying.

HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY REPORT: The next date in the horticultural diary is the plant sale and coffee morning on Sunday, 27 May from 10.30 am at 4, Eatenden Lane. Please feel free to join us. The annual Summer Show is on Saturday, 28 July from 2.30pm at the village. Schedules with an entry form are available at the village hall on the notice board, and also from Celia or Rachael.

TOP SECRET: Somebody, somewhere in the village, in the last week, spotted something on the ground made of stone in an unstony area. When picked up, it turned out to be a wonderful Neolithic, stone hand axe. No names, no pack drill but we will leave the final words to Mountfield’s historian, Trish Jones, who, when sent a photo, simply replied, “Oh wow!” Oh wow, indeed.

CONTACT: If you have anything for the Village Voice, such as unwanted Neolithic hand axes, we can be contacted on 880614 or via We always welcome contributions and feedback.