GO MARTHA!: This Sunday (10th) sees Martha Hollamby (14) go for the 70 mile cycle challenge in aid of Action Medical Research. Advice to readers from your Village Voices is to visit Mum Caroline goes too so advice to Martha from your Village Voices is take a rope — the old girl might need a tow.

SOUTHERN WATER SCHEME NEWS: Last week we reported the results of the Mountfield Residents Group Survey. These have proved to be a real game-changer with positive responses from, among others, Rother Environmental Health, ESCC planning officers, our MP — and Southern Water. As a result, there is much positive activity planned. Amazingly, the pace of activity is speeding up! The MRG committee members continue to put in a lot of work liaising with, for example, the Environmental Health Authority, the ESCC planning officers, the Environment Agency, our hard-working district and county councillors, local landowners and, of course, local residents. One of the most constructive meetings last week was discussing the issue with the Rt. Hon. Huw Merriman MP who has already gone into bat for us once and will certainly do so again as necessary.

MOUNTFIELD RESIDENTS GROUP: The group in effect consists of all the households in the sewerage and treatment scheme though it obviously represents the interests of everyone in the village. MRG has a steering committee which, from the beginning, was determined to keep the designated households informed about news, events, facts, figures and the efforts made on everyone’s behalf. So far this information flow has consisted of four Newsletters, an Update, an info sheet and the Survey. If you are not within the scheme’s catchment area but would like to see these, email giving your name and house address.

MOUNTFIELD VILLAGE HALL: The most important building in Mountfield held its AGM on Monday 4th. After five years, Caroline stepped down as Chair. Caroline had to fill some very big boots — literally, as they were Dave Craven’s — and under her leadership the Committee has achieved a huge amount. Steve Smith was elected as the new Chair with Martina Gavan from the Old Chapel as the Vice Chair. Other officers are unchanged — Neil Whines as treasurer, Chris Holden as hall controller, Alison Sarson as bookings clerk — except Caroline who becomes Keys Fairy.

THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT: This year, National Moth Night, which is in fact spread over three nights, is on 14th, 15th and 16th June. It will concentrate on Pyralid moths, a group containing some very colourful moths, some of which fly during the day. Anyone interested in this event, and the moths flying in Mountfield, is invited to contact Robin Harris on 01580 880621 for more information.

WHAT GOES DOWN: Bernie writes: “Could you please remind ALL dog walkers that the famous Mountfield fairies have been forced into early retirement due to the vast amounts of dog mess that they have had to pick up. Unfortunately they have all got bad backs! One last pile was picked up and taken home this morning… on the bottom of my trainer! Frequently certain owners allow their pets to do their business in the gateways, which you HAVE to walk through, and in the middle of the road through the Mountfield Court public footpath. This path is used by many people, both local and visitors to the area. Once again please remind owners that it would be nice if they could clean up behind their pets. It can’t be TOO much to ask can it?”

FLOWERS WILD AND TAMED: A reminder that schedules for the Annual Flower Show (Saturday 28th July) are available from Celia and Rachael and the annual reminder that the verge and bank on the corner of the old saw yard opposite the Village Hall are worth pulling over to look at with the orchids at their very best.

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