SOUTHERN WATER NEWS: Peter writes: Everything has gone quiet. We have pushed Southern Water into a position where, cut off by various other planning and environmental chess pieces that have been put in place, they now have to (re)find the money to build the treatment works. Everything is therefore waiting for SW’s September board meeting. The latest project manager — our fifth or sixth in two years! — is no more. Her senior manager is taking over which I personally account a positive move as she is the one trying to get everything into place — designs, construction drawings, etc — ready for what everyone hopes will be a September sign-off for the funding. Who knows, perhaps next week we will have a SW-free Village Voice.

1-18 EATENDEN LANE: A lot needs to happen here which has been held up recently by nothing more than available diary space. All these properties remain very much on the agenda. And I give my personal pledge on that as the very first sign of a wobble in the construction progress was with these households and I have jumped through so many hoops ever since that I take this part of the whole thing rather personally. It feels very different to be fighting this issue now as part of Mountfield Residents Group. They will keep you posted.

THE OLD BAKERY: Sylvia & John Brady open their garden at the Old Bakery on the same day this column goes to press so we shall report back next week. The weather seems a little less harsh so fingers crossed.

WOODLAND CONSERVATION WALK: This guided walk round Dallington Forest to look at the old roads, the ancient and veteran trees, and the conservation work that is going on took place in extreme heat and would have been an ordeal but for what Doug was showing and saying. We shall return to this another week when we have all rehydrated,

THE FLOWER SHOW: Only two weeks to go. Saturday, 28 July from 2.30pm at the Village Hall. We hope the weather hasn’t fried too many prize entries.

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