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East Sussex Hearing Resource Centre: East Sussex Hearing Resource Centre is a registered charity working in partnership with Adult Social Care to provide a no charge mobile information and advice service for Deaf, deafened and hard of hearing people living in East Sussex. The vehicle is equipped to offer demonstrations of assistive equipment and hearing screening tests.

The mobile unit will be visiting Battle on Thursday 2nd November 2017, and will be in Market Square from 10.30am – 3.30pm.

The bus is accessible to wheelchair users and representatives from both the East Sussex Hearing Resource Centre and Adult Social Care will be available to provide individual information and advice on all aspects of hearing loss.

For further information please contact: East Sussex Hearing Resource Centre, Tel: 01323 722505 (voice/text/fax) e-mail:

St John The Baptist Church: Our Autumn Fair is being held on Saturday, 14th October not December. I do apologise for the mistake I made in my reporting last week. It will be held from 10-12pm. in the church. As usual there will be lots to browse and buy; crafts, jewellery, cakes, a raffle and tombola, bric-a-brac, books, games, garden items and plants together with refreshments and lots more. Please join us, helping to raise maintainence funding. Thanks Gillian.

Mountfield Village Hall Cinema Club: This is jst another reminder that the Big Screen Social Nights will be starting again on 13th October with the second on Friday 17th November. The first presentation is the original “Rocky Horror Picture Show”, starring Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Richard O’Brian and Barry Bostwick. The date is Friday 13th October. Scary. As always there will be refreshments available and get in the mood for a classic sing-along. Doors open at 7pm and there is a suggested donation of £5 per person. However, feel free to dress for the occasion There will be half price entry for those who wear their Rocky Horror gear.

Netherfield Breakaway Club: The September meeting of the Netherfield Breakaway Club took place on Thursday 21st at The Emmanuel Centre, Battle. An excellent turnout of members and guests enjoyed a fascinating talk with slides on ‘The Hidden Treasures of Scotney Castle, by Ray Shayler, who started working for the National Trust in 1987. The original Elizabethan house dating back to 1640-1680 with the well known tower added, was a ruin and Edward Hussey III had the present mansion built in 1837-1843, consisting of three floors with a wealth of attics. After his death his widow survived him by 36 years and at the age of 99 gave the house to the National Trust and it was opened in 2007. The attics were full of layers of collectables and three volunteers working in a very low temperature of 3 degrees to ensure no damage came to the 11,500 items, opened cupboards, metal cabinets and boxes to discover and catalogue a treasure trove which had not been disturbed for many years! One box had been locked in 1923 and was opened some 70 yeas later contained the family history One piece in particular needed some investigating and the discovery was that a medal of the Royal Victorian Order had been awarded by King George V to Major William Clyde Hussey, who had left the army in 1898, a Major in the Royal Engineers, to become Bailiff of all the royal gardens. In 1903 an inventory had been made of everything in the house from buttons to paintings.

Other treasures included Chance’s 1905 version of The Canterbury Tales. As part of the day Heather read out Chance’s version of this now famous journey and so far she has raised £200 from giving talks for the Hospice. Other members on the trip included Victoria. Sadly Victoria developed breast cancer last year but is now on the road to recovery and this, too made their pilgrimage even more meaningful.

Chance’s 1905 copy of ‘The Canterbury Tales’ which included both Deans’ and many other signatures was put up for auction and unbeknown to Heather, her husband bid for it and presented it to her!

In addition, we saw a photograph album full of beautiful photos and congratulations were offered to Heather, Victoria and their fantastic horses. If any Clubs would like a talk from Heather, please contact our Secretary Ann Stone on 01424 838309.

Refreshments were enjoyed, the raffle was drawn and everyone agreed they had had a very pleasant afternoon. J. Vane.

Reflections on a Garden: When you look through a clean window onto a small expanse you call the garden, you suddenly understand why you involve yourself in the art of digging, shifting, planting, mowing, composting and muck-spreading. No matter what time of year a garden has something different to divert your attention from what would normally be, perhaps, tedious or uninspiring. Even at this time of year when brown and green are the dominant colours, a flash of purple, yellow or pink, can bring a smile to everyone’s face. The leaves might be mounding in an unattractive corner, leaving a damp residue when cleared away, in a landscape that elsewhere has been dried by autumn/winter winds, but even that is part of the changing face of perfection.

Gathering this annual bounty of lateral organs from our native species and, in a lot of cases, from imports, can take time, but to then transfer to your composting space pays dividends in the future. Dark, loamy, organic matter which uplifts your carefully tended flower beds, vegetable plots and fruiting areas, brings its own rewards down the line.

What is a shame in this annual shedding, is the loss on our acers. Yellow, greens, reds and orange delight the eye through the seasons until they drop underneath the boughs to rejuvenate and protect the soil beneath. A breeze, or storm will hasten the process and you are left with bare boughs which through the winter are like skeletons in the moonlight.

This past week was also a time to renew the covering on the pond, consisting of frames, covered in netting, not only to catch what is falling from the trees but to deter access by Mr Heron. He is an annual visitor as the pond is exposed from the air. He seems to be about the size of a large dinosaur in flight, but when positioned at the side of the pond as still as a rock he reduces in size to that of a small duck. It is at that point that our game of cat and mouse begins. Oh how I look forward to winter time.

More next week.....

Claverham Monday Badminton Club: We were unfortunately only blessed with the presence of ten members this week which, as a consequence, relegates two to sitting on the sidelines during every match. I guess they could spend their time viewing the strategies adopted by their compatriots who were on the courts, but given the misses and miss-hits that happen on a regular basis, to those sitting out it must have seemed more like a night at the Comedy Club. I joke of course, it would never have been that funny.

We would like more female participation to even up the ratios, so if you fancy an enjoyable evening, getting fit, having a laugh and honing your badminton skills, then Monday nights at Claverham Sports Centre 8.00pm to 10.00pm for a miserly £5 is the place to be. See you there......

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