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Netherfield news

East Sussex Hearing Resource Centre: This is the second entry of this article to ensure that we try and capture the widest possible audience for the good work that is undertaken by the East Sussex Hearing Resource Centre. It is a registered charity working in partnership with Adult Social Care to provide a no charge mobile information and advice service for Deaf, deafened and hard of hearing people living in East Sussex. Within the vehicle they are equipped to offer demonstrations of assistive equipment and hearing screening tests.

The mobile unit will be visiting Battle on Thursday 2nd November 2017, and will be in Market Square from 10.30am – 3.30pm.

Remember, the bus is accessible to wheelchair users and representatives from both the East Sussex Hearing Resource Centre and Adult Social Care will be available to provide individual information and advice on all aspects of hearing loss.

For further information please contact: East Sussex Hearing Resource Centre, Tel: 01323 722505 (voice/text/fax) e-mail:

Mountfield Village Hall Cinema Club: The next presentation at this popular venue will be on Friday 17th November. I will provide more details as we get nearer the time. As always there will be refreshments available. Doors will open at the usual time of 7pm and there will be a suggested donation of £5 per person.

Reflections on a Garden: When my wife and I moved into the property many years ago we decided that we would try to soften the impact of the double garage, situated to the left of the house, by building a pergola alongside the east facing wall of this structure, which had high visibility from the garden. Functional the garage may have been, but the concrete slab construction, did not really enhance the aesthetic value of either our property or the garden.

The removal of some unwanted pine trees a few weeks before, from a congested corner of the plot, had left us with two or three very long trunks to dispose of. It seemed like a good idea to utilise these in the construction of the pergola. It would give it, I thought, that natural visual appeal and save us a bob or two in the process. I do not have the experience or expertise of a Christopher Wren, and this is not a structure that will rival St Paul’s. However, when finished, it had a sort of rustic appeal that detracted the eye from the starkness of the garage.

Not being treated wood, the ravages of the weather and the re-cycling capabilities of the insect population, ensured that the structure, supporting a hop, some rampant ivy and a struggling Virginia creeper, would eventually require renewal. That time arrived this past week.

New poles and half-poles, all machined-finished by experts, have occasioned a pristine work of joy that will eventually play host to many plants, birds and insects. In the meantime, a handsaw and hard work has reduced the detritus from the previous formation, to a pile of logs that our log-burner can use to provide us with a warm glow throughout the forthcoming winter. How is that for re-cycling?

In between lifting and screwing (one has to move poles to the right position and join things) the various parts of the pergola together, the grass took the opportunity to increase its length ten-fold. Lawn edges, which are normally attacked with a strimmer, have been sadly neglected, due to an incorrect gap on my equipment’s plug. Removal and resetting, therefore, was an urgent necessity. With the gap now properly widened, the fuel could ignite and correctly force the piston to work its magic. You can tell from all these technical details that I am not just a pretty face. The grass at the edges could now be attacked with gusto and given a short back and sides. Oh the joys of lawn-mowing.

More next week.....

Claverham Monday Badminton Club: There seems to be a multitude of sprains and strains amongst the members recently. This is somewhat disturbing, given that nearly all of them are regular players and will workout at least once a week on the courts. Big John, our eight full tall super hero (well when he is at the net and you can never put the shuttle high enough to get past him, he appears taller than his 6ft 4ins) suffered a minor groin strain this week. Two games and he pulled out. I prefer to think it was the standard of play from the other members which frightened him off and his discomfort was really fright. Either way, it was an object lesson in stopping his participation immediately to make sure that his situation was not exacerbated by stoicism. He is just one of about four at the moment who are in the same boat.

That left nine of us to raise the heat in the hall and get the adrenaline running through our veins. A third of those left were lady players and shows to all who read this column and are interested in joining us, that we welcome and encourage everyone to come along and have some fun and get fit. There were some really good games this week, with many rallies lasting anything between ten and twenty shots. That requires concentration and stamina from all involved. Go on, come along.

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