Netherfield news
Netherfield news

Netherfield Defibrillator Training: Residents of Netherfield are invited for training at the Village Hall on Thursday 16th November in the use of a defibrillator., which is the common treatment for life-threatening cardiac dysrhythmias and ventricular fibrillation. Early indications are that the session will be held from 18:30 to 21:30. This will hopefully be open to anyone who wishes to attend but will depend upon the maximum number of people who wish to attend.

St Michael’s Hospice Tea Dances: The Hospice is now celebrating 30 years since it first opened. For 24/25 years of that time there has been a fortnightly Thursday afternoon Tea Dance. This has raised 1000’s of pounds for the hospice.

All are welcome on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays afternoons from 2 p.m. till 4.30 incorporating a mixture of Ballroom, Sequence and line dances in a friendly and warm environment in the Arthur Easton Centre (adjacent to the Hospice). Admission is only £3.00 and all proceeds go directly to the hospice. Or if you just want to come along and listen to the music you will be very welcome. Maybe you will hear music you have never heard before.

Mountfield Village Hall Cinema Club: The next presentation at this popular venue will be on Friday 17th November. As always there will be refreshments available. Doors will open at the usual time of 7pm and there will be a suggested donation of £5 per person.

Reflections on a Garden: With the change back to GMT we now know that Winter is upon us. Cold nights and short days. There is a lot of debris from fading plants swirling around the garden in the regular storms and winds, as the full force of their rejuvenating period gets under way. We all know that our gardens need this time to prepare for next spring and summer’s explosions of colour and production, but it is always sad to see bare branches and empty beds, where once was a mantle of green and every shade of yellow, red, blue, pink and white.

Mind you, apart from the green and yellow shrubs which still add some colour to the garden such as euonymus, it is not all pale and bleak. There are also elephant ears adding splashes of pink to various areas within the sad looking borders. This is about the millionth time this season they have bloomed as they search uncharted areas of the garden to invade. I think they are a thug but my good lady loves them and I am sure, if she had her way, I would need a machete to get through their growth on my way to the barbecue.

As the elephant ears were in situe prior to our purchase of the property I am not sure if they are Colocosia “Pink China” or Alocasia Gagaena California which, according to the internet (which is where I got the information), is a dwarf strain, growing up to 4 feet. I think somebody doesn’t know their dwarf from their giant. In my view, anything over 4 inches is big.

It is also a time when garden implements need that regular sharpen, clean and oil as they are put to bed for a few months. Now I can hear some of my readers (I learned last night I have at least two) say, clean; oil; what is he on about? Well, I was just passing on what Percy Thrower used to say, all those years ago in Gardening Club, as he tried to assist us in our endeavours to keep our implements in the best possible condition. Remember, a sharpened hoe always gets recognition from Santa. Ho! Ho! Ho!

More next week.....

Claverham Monday Badminton Club: Another one of our younger players, who is also at University, came back to play this week. That may not sound significant but it indicates that the Club is all inclusive. It is not about having to be there every week, but coming along when circumstances allow and enjoying yourself.

We also had two returning players who had suffered minor injuries two or three weeks ago. Yes, we do talk about things like that. It does happen from time but with rest and recuperation you do get to play again. Well, hopefully! One had pulled a muscle and the other had fallen hard on the floor trying to make what can only be described as a fantastic shot. Ok, it didn’t come off, but at least he tried. He was on my team at the time so we lost. Not that I’m carrying a grudge. Just joshing.

With eleven players this week this causes logistical problems as I have mentioned before. Four, eight and twelve are the optimum numbers and this allows a constant change to take place, mixing players across the board. However, what was clear this week was that we had a great number of great games with long rallies and some spectacular shots.. So come along and join us and get into the swing of it. Sorry about the pun.

Christmas story: It is about this time, that I start the countdown to Christmas, with, as I did last year, hopefully a story that all two of my readers can contribute to. Last year it was sort of a ghost story and this year I want to make it reflect a more modern approach. It will be on the lines of a serial with a weekly entry, leaving you with a cliff-hanger, to be resolved the following week. Ideas please to our email address below. I will also add your name in the credits. So all would-be writers here is your chance for local glory. I hope that sounds inviting enough.

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