Netherfield Village Hall Bingo: All you lucky people – Bingo is back on Monday 7 May 2018. You can call it “Housey Housey” but it is still full of calls such as “all the ones number eleven” or “six and eight, sixty eight”. There are prizes for a line, a full house and super prizes for the “Super Flyer” game which gives you a bucket of cash, well it would be if you took it in pennies and the bucket was the size for building sand castles.

The next Thursday night session is on 17 May 2018. It is almost Bingo crazy in Netherfield. It is just good fun for a couple of hours and there are raffle prizes as well. Remember, the majority of the money goes back in prizes and the remainder helps to finance other functions put on in the village. So see you there “my age, twenty one”. I can’t stop this bingo madness.

St John The Baptist Church: Our Spring Fair last Saturday was blessed with beautiful sunshine. We certainly picked the right day. Over £315 was raised, with all of the stalls doing really well. A huge thank you to every one who came to support the church and those hardworking people who made it possible. Gillian.

Netherfield Village Green Royal Wedding Street Party: On Saturday 19 May 2018 Netherfield Village is holding a Royal Wedding Street Party on the Village Green at Darvel Down to commemorate the marriage of Harry and Meghan. The party starts at 2.00pm and goes through until 6.00pm. All are welcome, especially the children, so come and celebrate with us. There is a buffet and afternoon tea, a raffle, Wiggles & Giggles Children’s Entertainment with face painting and balloon modeling. It has all been sponsored by various organisations locally, including Rother District Council and I will give a full list next week. Please let us know if you’re coming as we can make sure we cater for you. Please email us at “” or call Marrissa on 01424838106. See you there.

Claverham Monday Night Badminton Club: It is at this time of year that competition gets more intense for everybody’s attendance, in relation to the activities they undertake of an evening. Stoolball, tennis and netball, as well as other pursuits such as cycling and cricket. Our ranks are depleted somewhat, which is a shame, but we always weather the storm until the cold takes it toll in the autumn and everyone wants to get inside for the duration of the Winter.

There was just seven stalwarts this week which makes it difficult to keep a constant battle going but we try and manage. This pause is probably a welcome break for the more mature of our members and after a hard game gives them time to get their breath back. Of course, I don’t include myself in that small coterie of protagonists. All the same the evening went with a swing or a smash depending on your point of view.

Netherfield Mobile Library Service: As this is the fourth post you can tell how sad I am at losing this service. Just one more stop away from finishing their last visit to Netherfield for the Mobile Library Service. The final time is on 1 May 2018. The people who rely on its service will have to find another outlet to exchange their current book for another. I think Battle will still be open but for how long? Do you think the Netherfield Village Hall could fill the gap? What do you think? Your thoughts would be appreciated. As we don’t have much time, if you contact me below, I will see what I can do. Maybe the Council will let us have their stamps and things for the signing in and out of the books? Please please let us know. or text 07957588172

Old Netherfield Photographs: My pleas are beginning to bear fruit as we are getting people providing us with pictures from the past. Have you ever heard of the “Nether Filly Billys”, the “Festivity Blues” band or, for that matter, PC Tipperley, the local Netherfield Policeman and his 1927 247 c.c Lewis? Well I have photographs and stories of locals and events in the 1960s and 70s. So please keep them coming and soon they will be available at a Netherfield Village Hall and Playing Field near you. Honestly, the more photographs the merrier.

Reflections on a garden: With the advent of planning permission to the field at the side of our property, which will cause the loss of a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and one of the last vestiges of historic farmland attached to our property, it can be classed as a sad day for all. There will also be the loss of habitat for 6 International, 35 National and 53 other protected and designated species as well as 5 invasive non-native species, according to the figures provided by the Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre summary report on 7/3/2018. Probably all of those we have seen in our garden over the last 21 years we have lived in Netherfield. Is that progress?

Our garden, as my regular reader is aware, is a combination of both wild species and cultivars. This provides diversity and allows native species to thrive in a garden environment. It also adds early colour, variety and is a fantastic draw for bees and hover flies early in the season. Primroses, pulmonaria, violets, wild garlic and foxgloves, to name a few. Yellows, blues and purple predominate and these contrast vividly with whitebells and elephant’s ears. They are all seen within the confines of our garden space at this time of year. I need to attach a string to the front door so I can find my way back to the house, with all this growth

This year has also seen the cherry blossom explode in a profusion of colour, almost overnight it seemed, the change was so rapid. Whilst the blossom is not long-lived its time in the garden is a special joy, sitting, as it does, between two pines, one of which is a golden yellow and the other, a vibrant green. The golden one (sounds like a good title for a film) is a squat and blousy affair that takes a long time to grow, but over the last 20 years has attained a height of about seven feet, whilst the green one is similar to the shape of a rolled piece of plasticine that is being made to mimic Nelson’s Column, badly. That too has graced our shores for nearly twenty years and is about thirteen feet tall.

Whilst it may sound from my probably very inaccurate descriptions, that our garden is like the disaster zone after a hurricane, it does have some structure. We know where everything is, which must count for something.

More next week......

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