Claverham Monday Badminton Club: A new roof, or at least a relatively new roof is no guarantee that the elements will not invade your space when you are trying to conduct a pressure match between two gladiatorial factions. Well, two opposing teams on the badminton court anyway. When you are writing for my reader you need to make it have that edge, like a version of “Star Wars” or “Moby Dick”. Anyway, to get back to my story. As both teams lined up it was noticed that water was appearing in an ever-increasing puddle underneath the net that stretched across the hard, unyielding court, the cause of so many disappointments to so many people over the years.

Holding my hand out underneath, what I considered to be the source of this mini-deluge, I awaited the tell-tale signs of a tiny splash to explode in my outstretched palm, confirming my worst fears. Nothing. I mean nothing. If it wasn’t for the fact that we play on a stone floor I would be looking downwards now, for the water’s explanation. It was as though forces were at work which defy the natural laws of nature. At that moment a towel appeared as if by magic and the offending splodge was removed with a quick flick of the cotton. Dry.

Play resumed and the heat of play all but consumed the protagonists minds rather than the puddle, which I might add, was no bigger than a crown. For those of you with long memories that was an old-time coin with a value of five bob, or shillings if one is being pedantic. The edge of the coin always had writing around its circumference and if you have one now, they are worth a lot more than their face value. So we are not talking of a puddle the size of the “Solent”. What was amazing is that within five minutes it had appeared again. Scary.

Unfortunately, in this modern world we are obsessed with health and safety. I wonder sometimes how the human race developed and existed so long without these rules and regulations which are imposed by “unknowns” and are meant to protect but seem to exacerbate.

More next week.....

Netherfield Village Hall Bingo: Bingo is back on Monday 7 May 2018. “Housey Housey” is its other name for those of more mature years. There are prizes for a line, a full house and super prizes for the “Super Flyer” game which gives you a bucket of cash, well it would be if you took it in pennies and the bucket was the size for building sand castles.

The next Thursday night session is on 17 May 2018. It is almost Bingo crazy in Netherfield. It is just good fun for a couple of hours and there are raffle prizes as well. Remember, the majority of the money goes back in prizes and the remainder helps to finance other functions put on in the village. So see you there “my age, twenty one”. I can’t stop this bingo madness.

Netherfield Village Green Royal Wedding Street Party: This is our third post for this item. On Saturday 19 May 2018 Netherfield Village is holding a Royal Wedding Street Party on the Village Green at Darvel Down to commemorate the marriage of Harry and Meghan. Whoopeeeeee! The party starts at 2.00pm and goes through until 6.00pm. All are welcome, especially the children, so come and celebrate with us. There is a buffet and afternoon tea, a raffle, Wiggles & Giggles Children’s Entertainment with face painting and balloon modeling. It has all been sponsored by various organisations locally, including Rother District Council, British Gypsum and Park Lane Estates. Please let us know if you’re coming as we can make sure we cater for you. It is free! Please email us at “” or call Marrissa on 01424838106. See you there.

Netherfield Mobile Library Service: Tuesday of this week was the last day for the Library Service. Hopefully, details of a change to the Netherfield Village Hall will be on the cards in the very near future. I will keep you posted on what is happening.

Old Netherfield Photographs: In the not too distant future photographs of things that took place in Netherfield in the past will adorn the walls of the Village Hall. Just think, there could be one of you in your younger days, plastered for all to see if you were a Netherfield resident at some time in the past,. How great is that. It is known as immortality.

Reflections on a garden: First of all I made an error in last week’s report as I mentioned the word foxglove. It was a deliberate mistake, he says with tongue in cheek. No, really folks, my rushing digits were creating fire on my keyboard but my brain was six months in advance and I should have said forget-me-nots. Those delicate blue expressions of spring, which lift a garden at this time of year dispel the last vestiges of winter and contrast, in a gentle manner, with the subtle yellow and white of the primroses, which are also in great profusion within our boundaries.

The wind and rain over the weekend has crushed the last remnants of the cherry blossom that was gently floating in the breeze at the end of the garden, almost in a straight sight line from our kitchen window. Our two cherry trees are getting quite old now and their cankerous areas, whilst having some value from an aesthetic point of view, generally signifies the difficulties the plant species has encountered in the past and the scars it bears in overcoming that adversity. Some years we have buckets of cherrys and others not many. I think this year too there will be a dearth.

The early rhododendrons are now showing their full glory of white and pinks, which brighten up those shady areas of the garden in which they are situated. One or two have put on an extra spurt this year with an abundance of blooms, the like of which, have not been seen for a while. These too are the elder statemen of our shrubs and are probably also showing their age. They are pruned every now and again to curtail their expansion plans, otherwise they could be as big as the garden. However, we do try to be sensible so as not to ruin the look of the plant.

More next week......

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