Catsfield Quire: This is the final reminder that the concert is on 16th June in the Catsfield Village Hall starting at 7.30p.m. It will be free to come in BUT there is a retiring collection. Refreshments will be available and participation in singing some of the pieces will be encouraged

Battle in Bloom: For all those gardeners in Netherfield who fancy their chances in the Battle in Blloom competition now is the time to get your entry in. There are various categories which are geared towards the different types of garden that inspire these days so it is not just about looking at your complete plot and measuring that against all other entrants. These are: Wildlife Garden, Front Garden, Back Garden, Patio Garden/Container Garden, Small Vegetable Plot and finally New Entrant. From the variety there is bound to be one which will match the circumstances you want to enter into the competition.

To enter pick up entry form from the Town Council offices at the Almonry, Battle or download a form from the Battle Town Council website. Failing those two methods you can simply telephone Jane on (01424) 772210 or Marilyn on 775599 by 25 June 2018. Keep gardening!

Reflections on a garden: Have you ever wondered how many barrow loads two tons of pea shingle requires, to shift from a nice orange bag, delivered by an enormous lorry with a lifting mechanism which seems to require an octopus to work all the levers, to areas of the garden, which over the years have gradually lost their covering? No, I must admit, I haven’t either and I am not going to start now. It was just a question that popped into my mind as I shoveled one load after another into our trusty green transporter.

The shingle itself was quite damp and once laid and dried had a white sheen, as against the mature yellow colour of the previous covering. It also was a magnet for the birds. Not sure whether this was the possible salt content, given that the source of this is probably a local beach, or maybe crustaceans that had been scooped up in the gathering of this limited source of garden enhancement.

Mind you, the exercise the mechanics of this operation provides has resulted in muscles the size of cauliflowers on my arms and a chest that would shame Arnold Schwarzenegger’s in the terminator. Who? However, before I can lay this little piece of heaven, I have to remove as many bits of green as I can, so that the enhanced layer can decrease the chance of collateral damage. That means getting on my hands and knees once again to remove anything that is growing. The fun of a gardener’s life.

More next week........

Claverham Monday Badminton Club: It was so hot in the hall this week that I felt like I was playing in an oven. By game two the sweat was soaking my t-shirt and making me empty my water bottle in an effort to replace the water that was being expended. With only nine players it was difficult to get a proper rest to restore some of the extra energy being used.

I also played the longest game I have had within this august body. It lasted over twenty minutes and was the last game of the evening. The rallies just seemed to go on and on it went way past deuce. When it finished my shoulder was aching from the smashes that I had been required to make to keep the game going. We lost ...just.

More next week.

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