Netherfield Village Fete: This will be held on Saturday 18th August 2018. More details regarding the attractions as they become available.

Netherfield Village Hall Library Service: To all my readers may I say here and now that plans are gathering apace to finalise matters regarding the setting up of a Library Service for Netherfield and the surrounding area to fill the gap left by the withdrawal of the Mobile Library Service in May. To begin with, it may not have the range of books on offer which matches its predecessor but hopefully what it will offer is an alternative way of selecting a book. Times have not been determined as yet, as these need your input to map out a strategy which works for you, its patrons. Would it be better in the morning, the afternoon or early evening; once a week, once a fortnight, once a month? Should it stay open for 20 mins, an hour, two hours or more? Such a lot goes into getting the right balance. That is why we need your help. Come on, let us know. Details at the end of the column as to how to get in touch. Here’s hoping!

Netherfield and Battle Radio: All these projects such as the library and the radio could enhance living in the community, not only of Netherfield, but Battle and Mountfield for that matter. What is needed though is your help to make it a reality. I know I initially indicated that local radio is likely to have a limited time to broadcast, but that should not hold us back in getting it off the ground. It is there primarily to inform the residents and the community as a whole, of what is happening in their area.

Come on everybody don’t let me down let me have your comments and opinions. It will be self-supporting so will not be a drain on your purse It would be sited in Netherfield to provide the best coverage and could widen the listening capability to some of the surrounding villages. It would provide a platform from which to promote and advertise. Interviews and items of special interest could be a mainstay. Tell me what you think by contacting me at or any of the alternatives highlighted at the end of the column.

Reflections on a garden: Heat, heat and more heat! The grass looks the colour of a desert. The rhododendrons are beginning to turn yellow and droop. Flowers are keeling over and turning brown as though they have been out for a month and the bird baths dry up as quick as the water is put in them. When you try to work to weed and fuss the heat makes you feel drained and ready for bed after five minutes. At last – a proper summer is really here.

With it set to continue for a while longer you know that hose-pipe bans will be on their way and your home-grown veg will take a pounding, requiring a trip to the supermarket to purchase produce at inflated prices. It also makes the water in the pond evaporate that much quicker too. I am sure I saw a goldfish with a fin round its gills pointing at me with the other fin gasping for oxygen. I would have helped but don’t like getting my feet wet.

It is the pond that provides the real colour at the moment as the pink and white lilies are out adding a touch of class to the struggling vegetation which surrounds its banks. It also has the different coloured mayflies darting across its waters as they look for mates in their short life cycle. To see them joined and still flying shows what an experience it must be.

More next week........

Claverham Monday Badminton Club: With eleven players this week it felt like a re-run of the England football team’s excursions into Russia, with Gareth Southgate at the helm trying to find the best match for each of the opposing teams. With the return of our two new members from Netherfield Hill, together with Ben our globe trotting stalwart, back from his holiday, we seem to be breaking records on numbers for attendance during the summer sessions. Despite the heat the games were phrenetic or frenetic depending on whether you like the older or newer version of the word, meaning mad. I mean, you have to be bonkers to be running around a court in this heat. Good job they don’t do this with tennis. What is that you say – they do! Wimbledon? I thought that was a tube station.

What is clear is that nothing deters our committed players and it fulfills all the hallmarks of a keep-fit regime due to its pace, agility and co-ordination requirements. It gets the heart racing and gets all your muscles burning up energy and fat. Who wants to watch football when you have badminton as a replacement?

More next week.

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